DHA Lahore data for you to pick the right plots

DHA Lahore

DHA has remained the maximum famous housing society in Lahore for as long as Rightdeed.com started to record it seek trends. The society is ranked number one among shoppers searching to shop for all forms of residences which includes houses, residential plots, flats, and industrial belongings. it’s miles most effective logical to count on that any signs of funding interest resuming inside the town will be meditated within the expenses of House in DHA Lahore.


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Buying Trends


The retailers working in DHA accept as true with that the development in the call for has been witnessed in the shape of a sudden upward thrust registered for a number of inquiries made via the fascinated customers. some believe that the method has already started out off in which section VI and segment IX are doing in particular properly.


Since the real estate area is meant to accommodate the end customers, traders too want to pick out the asset’s kind that pursuits a bigger quantity of consumers, whom we call the real customers. in this regard, the smaller plots have turned out to be higher performers at some stage in the stupid investment days. Even nowadays, the call for is registered higher for five-Marla and 10-Marla plots in comparison to their large counterparts.


Price Trends


According to Rightdeed Index maintained for DHA Lahore, costs of residential plots right here started to increase from the begin of this yr. but this isn’t relevant to all stages and all plot sizes. according to our information, certain plot category achieved properly in a single phase but the same size plot in another section saw a drop in value over the past three hundred and 65 days.

Here are how prices of 1-Kanal plots fared during the last one year;


Phase Change Trend
Phase II 17.87% Up
Phase III 4.61% Up
Phase IV 2.43% Up
Phase V 4.88% Up
Phase VI 2.57% Up
Phase VII 2.34% Down
Phase VIII 4.09% Down
Phase IX 5.05% Down


Here is how the 10-marla plots in various phases performed during the last one year;


Phase Price change Trend
Phase III 6.90% Up
Phase IV 6.40% Up
Phase V 2.70% Up
Phase VI 4.18% Up
Phase VII 0.55% Down
Phase VIII 2.72% Up
Phase IX 0.05% Up
DHA IX Town 4.80% Down


The statistics recorded for 5-marla plots during the last one year are also interesting. But note that this plot size is available only in some blocks of limited phases.


Phase Change Trend
Phase V 3.84% Down
Phase VI 5.47% Up
Phase IX 1.66% Up
DHA IX Town 13.28% Up


Data observations


From the data shared above, it is easier to tell that:


Limited availability of a certain plot size in a phase generates less demand

Given the options in plot sizes, the 5-marla plots outshine its 10-marla counterparts

The prime plot category, 1-Kanal plots, has performed particularly well in established phases and not so much in the developing ones.

Price appreciation rate recorded for plots in established phases is much higher than the same recorded for plots in phases that do not attract the end users yet


From the look of it, it seems that 5-Marla plots in DHA IX town have had their peak days, and perhaps it’s time for his or her large counterparts. price appreciation is marginal yet steady for smaller plots in segment VIII and segment IX and not a lot for 1-Kanal plots however that could change for segment VIII, specifically for the developed blocks. 10-marla plots in phase VIII additionally appearance precise for experiencing in addition gain in fees.


What do you would do in case you were to select the right choice primarily based on these statistics? allow us to realize via your feedback. no longer to say, you can additionally share your queries with us via leaving a comment under.


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