Best online Shopping sites in Pakistan
E-commerce Pakistan

E-commerce means to purchase and sale of commodities online and make payment directly, through credit /debit cards or online banking. Now services are also provided by e-commerce. Currently, its scope has widened at a huge level all over the world and in Pakistan. It provides us a tremendous range of different kinds of comforts. Nowadays online shopping is on this level that we can buy even a needle online. There are gigantic sites spreading all over Pakistan for online shopping. Now we have access to everything at our doorstep. People have easy access to everything without effort and wastage of time. There are some giants of online shopping in Pakistan in the following.


No doubt that is the biggest and popular among online shopping sites in Pakistan. It is offering a wide range of stunning goods. There are a number of categories like men and women fashion, beauty electronics, mobile and computing, clothing, home appliances, kids’ accessories, toys, books, musical instruments and much more.

It is not just an online retailer but also a complete warehouse. Roundabout 9.3 million people visit monthly. We can say that the reason behind the popularity of Daraz is its user-friendly interface, a broad range of products, and different payment methods.


Do everything with Kaymu is one of those largest online platforms of Pakistan from where you can get almost everything such as smartphones and computer accessories, fashion, men and women clothing, kids cloud at cheap prices. As a merchant, Kaymu is a big opportunity to grab customers and sell products to them directly not in just your surroundings but also spread your products to other areas. The payment methods are safe and secure. You can also choose delivery timings here.

3-, an online shopping site, is a project of TCS. Its first name was TCS connects but with time it has changed into Yayvo. It has a wide variety of products and almost 466,670 monthly visitors. You can get the idea of its popularity by its visitors. You can buy everything you desire. The main categories are electronics, health, books, stationery, beauty, Tv, etc.


Vmart is trying to provide the best shopping experience to the people of Pakistan with fast delivery services since 2007. It is well known for computer and laptop accessories. There are some following main categories of

  • Modern electronic gadgets
  • widgets
  • Laptops/Portable computers
  • Notebook computer
  • Tabs
  • Cell phone’s LCDs
  • Monitoring devices and Others.

Vmart tries to satisfy its customers 100% because it is looking for fast-growing online mart in Pakistan.


It is one of that online shopping platforms which offers almost free shipping in all cities of Pakistan. It offers goods at cheap rates. You can buy the following from

  • Men and women wearable
  • Kids fashion
  • Tab Pc
  • Video Players
  • Media gadgets and all the rest.

It also has great traffic roundabout 436,670 monthly visits.


It offers high-quality goods. No doubt it provide all types of products but on the basis of different surveys, it is concluded that it is best in providing electronic type products like laptop, digital watches, computer accessories, tabs, etc.


Shophive is such online store that deals with all type of goods and with almost free shipping in all over Pakistan. Many famous international and local brands are connected to shophive to provide a high quality of goods. You can buy iPhone, smartphones, computers and laptops, cameras, video games, health, TV accessories, the households and much more.


Yoraba is one of the top levels of online stores. Which makes online shopping much reliable and trustworthy with a variety of products. A user-friendly website with search filters, different categories makes easy to find your desired products. Free shipping and many other comforts. Main categories are following that you can buy to fulfill your desires according to your needs are the following:

  • Women Fashion
  • Men Fashion
  • Baby, Kids & toys
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Beauty and care
  • Shoes
  • Handbags & sunglasses
  • Smartphones & accessories
  • Computer & Security

So, enjoy the latest fashion trends by shopping with this stunning platform.


Shopdaily offers just men, women and kids’ fashion and clothing products. It provides goods at low-cost that will not make a burden on your pocket. Users buy things just by one click and get their doorstep. You can find the trends of men, women and kids’ fashion, beauty, etc.

It is especially famous for fashion and beauty products. At BNBaccessories customers can buy shoes, handbag and wallets, clothes and more. It offers cash on delivery all over Pakistan. Other payment methods are also availed able here.