6 Ways to Use Packaging as a Marketing Tool

An enormous bash is taking place to celebrate your birthday. You throw a party for all of your friends and family, and they show up with sweet presents in hand. As the number of gifts on the gift table grows, your excitement grows, but one gift, in particular, has you giddy. Why is it that only one gift stands out among a plethora of wrapped presents? After all, what all the gifts have inside is a mystery so why does only one particular gift manages to pique your interest?

This is because that gift is the most exquisitely wrapped gift. So, when it comes to gift-giving and receiving, does what’s on the inside truly count the most? Most people are drawn to a gift because of its unusual shape and vibrant colors, right?

The same goes for packaging. What is inside comes later, but in today’s world, the packaging is one of the most significant aspects of a product’s marketing strategy. Suspense and anticipation are produced through the use of packaging. When a product is presented in a beautiful way, it entices consumers to open it and adds a theatrical element.

Furthermore, a typical trip to the grocery can expose you to a lot of distinct items, each fighting for your undivided attention. If you went to the grocery store with a list of 10 items that you need to buy there is a possibility that you’ll come back home with 12-15 products because the attractive packaging of some products piques your interest and makes you an impulsive buyer!

The word “packaging” refers to everything that goes along with your product until it’s delivered to a consumer. This includes things like boxes, tape, and labels.

Although high-quality products are at the core of a successful business, consumers will see and feel your packaging before anything else. The first thing a buyer sees when they buy a product is the packaging, and it typically leaves a lasting impression. Increasingly, companies are realizing that they need more than simply a fantastic product to impress their customers.

Now that we know the importance of packaging, let’s quickly move toward 6 ways in which you can use packaging as an important marketing tool.

  1. Themed Packaging

When someone says “Christmas” what is the first color that pops in your mind? Green and red? And when someone says “Halloween” our eyes immediately seek out spooky Halloween packaging.

The holiday season presents an excellent chance to engage with new and returning clients and to offer them something truly memorable. Many companies have found that customers like the same product more if it’s packaged in holiday-themed packaging because it connects your firm to the wonderful sensations that only the holidays can provide.

Customers who are looking to celebrate the season are given the impression that the seasonal colors and patterns they are purchasing are more exceptional.

Changes to the product’s design should be considered for different seasons, events, and holidays, as well as for local and regional promotions and cooperative relationships with items that are complementary.

  • Boost Your Social Media

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, one must be inventive and savvy in advertising. One way to create consumer confidence in your packaging is to present customers with social references.

For businesses, social media has emerged as one of the most powerful tools for reaching and interacting with their customers in recent years.

More and more people are becoming known for their expertise in using social media as a platform for promoting their brands.

Consumers increasingly have the ability to promote their favorite products to large audiences on their own, whether it’s through “unboxing” videos on YouTube or photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Consumers today have more ways than ever before to interact with the brands they love because of the explosive expansion of social networking and other interactive technologies. So, be the brand that consumers will love by creating catchy and vibrant packaging!

  • Promotional Elements

When you go to the grocery shop, you see a wide variety of items. The cereal aisle has a wealth of choices, so you decide to take a stroll through it. However, one of the boxes of cereal has a riddle on it! It will stand out from the rest of the pack because of its additional features.

Promotional components can be incorporated into custom retail product packaging in a variety of ways: QR or hidden URLs that lead to special offers, discounts, or freebies.

To make the most of this opportunity and take it to the next level, you might want to think about making the packaging interactive with activities that increase participation and improve the whole brand experience. Positive experiences are more likely to be spread when customers are actively involved.

  • Reusable Packaging

Emotional appeal and design are still important to consumers, and they are still looking for things they can connect with on an emotional or personal level. As a result, many consumers are looking for brands that support environmental problems such as pollution and climate change.

Take, for instance, products such as stainless-steel straws or those that arrive in a mason jar and allow for the jar to be repurposed in the kitchen or as a cup once the product has been consumed.

Giving clients the opportunity to reduce waste is the most important factor. Customers that care about the environment may be more inclined to trust your company because of this.

Businesses may help create a healthier and safer future by using innovative sustainable packaging.

  • Custom Inserts And Gifts

It’s amazing how much your business may benefit from something as basic as adding a small item to the package of a client. Your client will say “WOW” if you include a surprise element in your packaging.

In addition to boosting client loyalty and establishing your brand’s identity, inserts can also help you stand out from the competition. Your sales and profits will increase if you use packaging inserts to advertise your products. Because first impressions are so important, the content of your package is just as important as the appearance of your package.

Adding custom inserts and gifts will help you, retail clients, retaining consumers is both more profitable and more likely to result in a repeat purchase, so it’s a win-win situation. Because of this, customer-focused marketing is essential, rather than marketing geared toward future customers.

For instance: Thank-you cards are a way that is straightforward, speedy, and inexpensive. They are an expression of appreciation that creates proximity to the customer.

Your clients will be delighted and surprised if you include a “present” with their purchase as a way of showing them how important they are to your company.

  • Get Creative and Catchy

It’s time to buy soap and you go out of the house, and step inside a store. You observe that all of the soap boxes are wrapped in rectangular boxes with no eye-catching colors in the vicinity. You’re a little let down by what you see. On the right side of the aisle, you see a box, or should we say a pentagonal structure. You take a closer look and… This soap comes in a gorgeous, eye-catching package. Putting it in your shopping cart and taking it home is the first thing that comes to mind.

To attract your customers’ attention, you may have to get a little imaginative. Setting your brand apart from the competition by going above and beyond the standard format, structure, and design expectations can boost your bottom line.

A product’s and company’s marketing campaign can benefit from imaginative packaging options, which can help reduce shipping and storage expenses. A well-branded product can help form a long-term relationship with the customer by evoking an emotional response.

Attractive packaging design is a wise investment. Bold and beautiful designs entice customers to spend more time looking at things before making a purchase.

A business that aims to be unique and stand out from the crowd may appeal to people who want to be regarded as different. To enhance the user’s experience, think beyond the box when it comes to packaging design.


Your product’s packaging should provide the customer with a unique and memorable experience. This should reflect the positioning of your company and its products. Consumers should be able to identify with a company’s product and take delight in it as if it were a part of their own identity.

It doesn’t matter how clever your marketing strategy is if you don’t have good product packaging to go along with it. To be successful in your market, your packaging must not only be visually appealing but also adhere to all relevant statutory, legal, and social requirements.

Product and brand value can be enhanced by packaging inserts that go above and beyond expectations and target the right audience with the right offer.

As a result, it is important to keep in mind that the success of your business depends on your level of dedication and the amount of demand it generates.