KDA’s New Affordable Housing Scheme This is What You Can Expect from The Project

New Housing Societies In Karachi

The Karachi Development Authority (KDA) is set to launch four new housing schemes to assist individuals in Karachi buying affordable homes. For a town like K-Town, which happens to be one of Pakistan’s most successful real estate markets, this is excellent news. An important proportion of the city’s population depends on the state to provide affordable housing units. KDA’s low-cost housing schemes in Karachi are anticipated to generate a multitude of possibilities for investment in property for that section of society.


KDA Director-General Dr. Badar Jamil Mandhro told a local TV channel that the development authority will announce in Karachi shortly officially affordable housing schemes. Among those seeking to be homeowners, this news has brought a lot of enthusiasm.

According to the local government secretary, these housing schemes will be built for lower-income individuals to tackle their housing requirements and assist them improve their living standards.

Moreover, at some of the city’s most sought-after places, these affordable housing systems will be introduced in Karachi. This is all the more justification why individuals are keen to learn more about the venture and want to learn how to register in Karachi for low-cost accommodation systems from KDA.


As stated above, the need for the hour is new houses in a big town like Karachi. Karachi Development Authority has selected residential areas that accommodate a significant population and already have most of the fundamental facilities required to live a pleasant life.

In Surjani Town, Federal B Area Block-1, Korangi and KDA Scheme-1, the KDA residential system in Karachi will be introduced. It will be correctly publicized in journals once this initiative is formally introduced.


“The residential systems comprise both apartments and farms comprising 80 square yards, 120 square yards, 200 square yards and 240 square yards, according to a media study released in a local English newspaper. These will be the KDA’s first residential plans in 20 years. The last one was the residential system close the Five Star Chowrangi of North Nazimabad in 1999.

The residential system is also anticipated to have higher increases in line with PM’s idea of vertical cities. These elevated increases will also include green space and will fit more individuals in a smaller square footage region.

Let’s explain in depth each region where KDA is going to start the scheme. In these popular areas, we will also take a look at the property prices.


One of Gadap Town’s neighborhoods, Surjani Town is just 18 minutes from New Karachi, a really well-reviewed location in town. It has 17 sectors. It covers a region of 6,600 acres of property belonging to the Development Authority of Karachi. Among the 17 sectors of Surjani Town, as reported by a local TV channel news article, the 15 areas were laid aside for residential systems initiated by the KDA in 1984.

You will find plots and houses in Surjani Town that are largely smaller in size. These are 60, 80 and 120 square yd ranges. In Surjani Town, you can also purchase ready-to-move buildings that will charge you between PKR 15 lakh and PKR 1.5 crore anywhere.


Federal B. Area is one of Karachi’s earliest residential communities from the 1950s. It has multiple buildings that offer affordable homes to citizens of Karachi. Gulberg Town is also regarded as the Federal B. Area. It’s dividing into 21 sections. Of the 21 blocks, the housing area consists of 20 buildings and the residual one consists of the commercial region.

Surrounded by North Nazimabad, Buffer Zone and Liaquatabad, Federal B. Area enjoys a key place. Federal B. Area Block 1 is on Shahrah-e-Pakistan’s southern hand. The Karachi Circular Railway Track separates these blocks from the Liaquatabad area.

Because of its main place, people purchasing houses and plots in Federal B. Area Block-1. Houses from PKR 1.8 crore to PKR 2.9 crore can be found in Federal B. Area Block-1.

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Korangi is a large populated area in Karachi that includes nine union councils and is a famous region among the middle-income group. People tend to live in this portion of the town because it provides its residents with almost all the essential necessities. There is also access to health care facilities, universities, universities and organizations of higher education.

A number of houses and properties in Korangi are available for sale. Houses for purchase in Korangi Town, based on their magnitude and closeness to different facilities, would be between PKR 19 lakh to PKR 6.5 crore.

KDA SCHEME-1 (Karachi Development Authority)

KDA began its development plan with the launch of its first KDA Scheme-1 project in Karachi. It was built in 1959 by Pakistan’s government order for the development of Karachi and also for the rehabilitation of refugees. KDA Scheme-1 offers plenty of luxurious homes and apartments. But the region is much more than just nice houses.

Due to its prime location and number of amenities offered to its residents, people buy houses in KDA Scheme-1. You can buy ready-to-move houses in KDA Scheme-1 from PKR 5 crore to PKR 25 crore anywhere.

So, these were the recent reviews in Karachi on KDA’s low-cost housing schemes. You can also find out on our blog Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, another famous low-cost residential scheme that the state has introduced. Read our article about how to apply for the Naya Pakistan Housing Program internet. Since the method has been digitized, registration in NPHP requires only 10 minutes.

As shortly as there is a formal announcement regarding KDA’s low-cost housing scheme in Karachi, we will share more information. Stay tuned to the best property blog in Pakistan for more articles linked to real estate.

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How and When to Invest in Karachi Real Estate Business

Real Estate Karachi

Real estate business in Pakistan has always been under discussion and debatable from various aspects. Because Karachi and Lahore are the main cities in this regard both these cities also become a part of that discussion. Specially is case of Karachi property business most of the people have been lucky in the past few years, but if we go back and read about the history of Real Estate Karachi some have even lost all their life’s saving in the Karachi Real Estate Business, the question is how and why? Well, we at Rightdeed.com are always striving to bring you not only the latest news and updates about the real estate business but also precious piece of advice based on the opinion of our expert’s panel which can be easily named as a Real Estate Think-tank.

Before discussing whether it is feasible or not to invest in Karachi Real Estate business, we would have to discuss some facts and figures and also, a brief view of all that happened in the Past 15 years in Real Estate Karachi of Pakistan.

For those who are new in that field, there is nothing to worry about, as it is no more a rocket science, real estate business is also as simple as any other sector. The basic rule which apply on all sorts of businesses is Demand and Supply; it applies on the real estate sector as well. Whenever demand of real estate is high and supply is low, prices go up. In the same manner when the demand of property is low and supply is high price have to face an ultimate fall.

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As a matter of fact, the people who suffered in the Real Estate Karachi business during the last few years were those who did not have any idea of this basic demand and supply rule. They either bought property right before the rates were going to rise or during a sudden fall suffered great loss. Or they could not judge the political flow of Karachi which keeps on changing from time to time. Whatever the case may be, one has to ponder a lot while working in the Karachi property business market. When you are into property, no matter it is Real Estate Karachi or Real Estate Lahore you would have to know the basic facts when demand gets high and how it gets low otherwise you will have to face the consequences.

For an impartial view about the Karachi Real Estate, we would have to take a deep look upon the history of Karachi property industry which will make it quite easy for you to decide when to invest and when not to take the risk.

Why Karachi Real Estate Faced a Crash in Early 2000?

In fact, it was a very hard time for the Karachi Real Estate business as. Though it was not specific for the Karachi property market, as it crashed in whole of the country. The upheaval in the political environment of Karachi was one of the main reasons behind it. Due to the terrorism mixed political scenario played a great role and it was why the Karachi Real Estate crashed in that specific era which obviously had an everlasting impact upon the upcoming days of Real Estate Karachi business.

Other reason behind this was that due to the unfortunate incident of 9/11 most of the overseas Pakistanis especially who lived in the European and United States of America had to face a great deal of disturbance and migration. As they had to come back to Pakistan and bought houses in DHA Karachi, houses in DHA Lahore and houses in DHA Islamabad, the demand suddenly went high and the prices went up. It was a kind of artificial rise as when the conditions got stable, people again started to settle in their respective countries.

After that the Real Estate business faced a remarkable bloom in the 2016. Though the real estate business had some booms before that era too, but these were not so much noticeable as compared to the bloom in the 2016.

Most affected areas due to this bloom if talking about the Karachi Real Estate market were as follows:

Luxury real estate sector comprising of prices of properties over 2 Crore or more were highly affected by this boom in 2017. As an after math still effects are predicted in in the coming days by various real estate experts. To be simpler and more precise, price fall was observed more than 20% after the artificial rise in Karachi property prices. And obviously the most affected was the high price real estate sector. Similarly, the less affected area of investment was the 5 and 3 Marla properties sector.

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How to deal with it

The core purpose of that article is to guide you in such a manner that if such case happens again, you may not suffer by acting upon our advice. As an investor, no matter you are a new one or a seasoned one, you should always act like an opportunist. For that you will have to look upon the positive side of the picture rather than the gloomy one. For example, now property prices are lower as compared to the past, so it is the best time to invest and seek new investment destinations like Gwadar, Bahria Town and DHA Karachi. However, do not expect miracles overnight, this is a very tricky game and you will have to wait for the proper time before you get some really sweet fruit.

We would wait for your precious piece of mind in the comment’s section below.

Stay tuned with Pakistan’s best real estate blog. And your feedback at support@rightdeed.com .

Best Guidelines to Buy and Sell Property in DHA

Defence Housing Authority Pakistan

DHA is a dream place when we come to talk about real estate business in cosmopolitan cities like Lahore and Karachi. Especially when it comes to the topic of buy and sell Property in DHA we have a lot of options some of which would be discussed in this article.

Regardless of how to buy and sell Property in DHA we must consider what is your Vision about urban life style? When we talk about urban life style, we always think about something more comfortable and classified. And if we think urban life is only related to our home, we would dream more facilities near to our dwelling place like hospitals, school, colleges, transport facility, parking facility, smooth roads etc. After all that, we come to think about the price and endorsement if you are going to buy and sell Property in DHA Karachi.

Some questions may arise in that respect e.g.:

“Is it suitable to buy the house which you may want to sale after some time?”

Or “What is the status of local housing market?”

Whatever the case may be, to buy or sale a house in an urban real estate society like DHA is quite tricky some times. But in this article we would describe it with the help of various guide lines devised by our real estate experts that it will become more than easy for you when it comes to buy and sell Property in DHA Quetta.

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Evaluate and choose the agent wisely while going to buy and sell Property in DHA

It is also easy to get help from various real estate web portals for example Rightdeed.com about market prices and latest trends. But it is the best way to choose an agent. But don’t choose anyone as agent.

First of all, you have to check the presence of agent online then interview him and check that is he or she is presentable or not, fulfilling your requirement about house and does he a good marketer in way that you want to view the property. Compare apples with apples than choose him as agent. Real estate agent should be a potential structure your contract with commission.

It can help you to find or get reasonable prices. But don’t be fool by inexperienced people when going to buy and sell Property in DHA Lahore. It is a professional advice which you should follow while purchasing house.

How to Negotiate Commissions?

Negotiation will help you to keep prices in a fair value to buy and sell Property in DHA.

Facts about negotiation:

  • Commission are always negotiable, no matter how your agent tells you.
  • Don’t shy your agent, and let them know that you are comparing them with others, in that way you can go smooth with negotiation procedure.
  • Successful agents will more likely reduce your commission, because they have abundance of business.
  • Best agent will tell you properly about negotiation process and help you to deal with it.
  • Don’t make the contract procedure longer than 6 moths.

You are in great frame now, to sell or buy your home. You can go for your qualified agent.

Modify your house before purchasing:

You need to modify your house when you are going to buy and sell Property in DHA. Replace yourself with purchaser and think about your house modification. Because it effects great to attract purchaser. It is compulsory and foremost thing because every eye wants attraction. So, simply you need to go with a modification procedure to your house. Like paint, Mow of lawn etc.

Ask your agent for modification your house, it should also be a part of your contract. Because your agent is more professional than you. And if you are going to pay your agent, why should procedure go in professional hands. If this procedure is done by real estate agent, it can help agent to advertise your house briefly.

When you found the party, you are going to deal with, complete your payment procedure. Also pay nominal commission to the agent.

Stamp Paper procedure:

To assert that you have sold your property, here becomes an important procedure we called as stamp procedure comprising of the stamp paper requirements. Value of stamp paper depends on the value of property set by the government, and it is fixed according to the property strategies.

A new set of documents register to the buyer name includes right to use, right to sell, right to retain transfer to the buyer from seller. The local registrar of property will change the authority of the property after this process.

Seller have to declare with witness that he had sold this out to the buyer. The registrar than makes order to the local land record officer to make the changings regarding the ownership of the land, and transfer the title of the property to the buyer from the seller.

This is the procedure to buy and sell Property in DHA Islamabad and any other state.

Moreover, the procedure would go smooth and professional if you hire a professional and qualified agent. It can help you in real estate market, house modification and negotiation procedure.

This is it! That’s the whole procedure. Follow it in the order prescribed to execute a fine deal. You can also report the local authorities of state if you find any trouble at any stage in this procedure. They are always available to help you.

Stay tuned with Pakistan’s best Real Estate Blogs

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Saima Arabian Villas

Saima Arabian Villas
Saima Arabian Villas

Saima Group, also known as Saima developers and developers, is a renowned name within the Real property region of Pakistan. they’ve constructed many villas, houses, apartments or even excessive-rise purchasing department stores. Saima Arabian Villas is a residential venture of Saima Group and are placed north Karachi, that is a contemporary township. dwelling in Saima Arabian Villas ensures easy to get right of entry to some of the centers like Mosques, faculties, and parks.



  • Importance of location
  • Secure area
  • Well-constructed houses
  • Gas connection now available
  • Access to basic amenities
  • Society events

IMPORTANCE OF LOCATION Located in Gadap Town within North Karachi

  • Surjani Town
  • Gulshan-e-Maymar
  • Taiser Town
  • Saima Arabian Villas
  • Garden City


Placed in Gadap city inside North Karachi, Saima Arabian villas stand in top 5 in terms of rightdeed’s search trends of the most famous neighborhoods in Gadap Town. It’s far divided into 8 blocks: from A to H. North Karachi is spread over an extensive region, away from the hustle and bustle of the primary city. it has extensive, easy roads, stunning, lush inexperienced parks, and plenty of other facilities. It touches famous neighborhoods of recent Karachi, Surjani Town, and Gulshan-e-maymar.


Outline of Services in Saima Arabian Villas

Saima Arabian Villas is a well planned housing project of Saima Group Credit FB/SaimaGroup

What makes Saima Arabian Villas one of the maximum rewarding investment alternatives for home buyers? First off, it’s far a gated community where CCTV cameras have been established at various places. Moreover, police automobiles patrol the vicinity at night time. secondly, you will discover grocery stores, parks, and mosques in each block; that is a prime comfort for residents of Saima Arabian Villas as basic services are to be had inside on foot distance.



Electricity Connections have long been provided to residents of Saima Arabian Villas. But there had been no gas connections, initially. currently, this issue has also been resolved and right gasoline connections were mounted in a few blocks of Saima Arabian Villas; the last ones will receive the utility soon. Improvement in infrastructure is expected to have a profoundly fantastic impact on the challenge’s assets prices. therefore, many buyers are looking to shop for assets within the community.


Provision of Underground Types of Electricity Wiring

There are numerous present-day services in Saima Arabian Villas. Rather than the overhead cable lines, they have got underground electricity traces laid. The benefit of getting underground cables is that there may be little to no voltage drop. consequently, there are fewer chances of electrical faults. this, in turn, reduces overall protection fees.

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Aside from the gas and electricity connections, People living is Saima Arabian Villas have got right of entry to to a number of colleges. families which have faculty-going youngsters have a terrific blend of the presidency and pinnacle-rated personal schools to select from.

Authorities primary faculty, AL Mumtaz Islamic school, and Talha grammar college are placed nearby. Parents additionally sign up their children in Karachi City School in Sector 1 of Surjani town and even in colleges in North Nazimabad, that’s most effective a 30-minute pressure away.

People living in Saima Arabian Villas now not only have to get admission to desirable colleges, however, they also can find institutes of higher mastering within smooth attain. Hamdard University, top-rated higher gaining knowledge of institute is positioned a 20-minute pressure away. it is a purpose-constructed campus, housing various colleges of engineering, health sciences, it and Unani (herbal) medication.

On the campus, there may be a big floor, wherein rare herbs are grown both for research and educational functions. new drug treatments are also invented in the lab. other famed universities like Iqra University and Jinnah University for Women also are placed in near proximity to Saima Arabian Villas.


Locations of Worship

Mosques are present in almost every block in Saima Arabian Villas Credit FBSaimaGroup
Mosques are present in almost every block in Saima Arabian Villas Credit FB/SaimaGroup

Living in Saima Arabian Villas has its perks. For instance, you do not have to cover long distances for your regular prayers. Each block has a special place of worship, more commonly referred to as the Jamia masjid. There are central mosques in Blocks A, B, C and E. Bait-Ur-Rehman mosque located in Block B needs a special mention. It has the characteristic dome and a front lawn.


Plenty of Grocery Shops

Saima Arabian Villas has many supermarkets inside its premises. you do no longer want to journey far to inventory your month-to-month substances. you can locate Syed fashionable shop and bin Mumtaz store located in block B. People also can head to saving home grocery store in new Karachi, simplest in the event that they do not locate what they want at the nearby grocery shops.



One of the perks of living in Saima Arabian Villas is ease of access to fashionable sports activities centers. There is a skating rink being evolved for kids. developers of the mission have taken under consideration every little bit of element for a relaxed dwelling. inside the grasp plan of Saima Arabian Villas, the management has allotted a special region for sports activities complex, comprising tennis and basketball courts.



Beautiful parks and playgrounds are available for residents of Saima Arabian Villas Credit FBSaimaGroup
Beautiful parks and playgrounds are available for residents of Saima Arabian Villas Credit: FB/SaimaGroup

Every other key function of Saima Arabian Villas is the availability of family parks in every block. People cross for an evening stroll in these lush greens, properly-maintained parks and experience a second of peace. For people who like to take part in one-of-a-kind, activities will by no means be disillusioned. The control of Saima Arabian Villas organizes occasions on unique events of August 14 and new 12 months. An Azadi festival turned into also held to celebrate Independence Day in 2018.



Beautiful houses and apartments are constructed in Saima Arabian Villas Credit FBSaimaGroup
Beautiful houses and apartments are constructed in Saima Arabian Villas Credit: FB/SaimaGroup

Property expenses in Saima Arabian Villas are expected to boom within the near destiny, particularly after gasoline connections may be hooked up in all the blocks. This precise development has spiked the hobby of buyers searching out a good opportunity to invest in Saima Group’s Housing projects.

Allow us to take a look at homes up on the market in the residential network. For everybody interested in investing in north Karachi, there’s no higher alternative than buying a house in Saima Arabian Villas.

A geared up-to-pass-in 120 Sq. house for sale in Saima Arabian Villas is in the famous call for. It’ll value you pkr 65 lakh to pkr 1.2 crores. if you are seeking out a bigger residence, then a 160 Sq. residence is a superb choice to bear in mind. Take a look at out its expenses, ranging from pkr 86 lakh to pkr 1.2 crores. a 2-bed flat for sale in Saima Arabian Villas is to be had in the pkr 35 lakh to pkr 55 lakh variety. There are also stores for sale, starting from pkr 46 lakh and going as excessive as pkr 60 lakh.

In case you are interested in other upcoming housing initiatives of Saima Group, then stay tuned to the top property blog in Pakistan.  Also, don’t forget to test out our specified blog on the perks of living in Gulshan-e-Maymar.

Stay Update with Pakistani News and Stay tuned on Pakistan’s best real estate and news blog Rightdeed.com blogs.


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House on Rent Vs Buy A House

Rent Vs Buy
Rent Vs Buy

While the question comes that what’s going to fit you whilst you need to determine to rent vs. buy for a house, there’ll constantly be a robust debate because of the economic professionals and cons. no doubt each facet of the photograph are complete of valid points; nevertheless, it is able to be a touch confusing for folks that are going to decide it for the primary time in existence. The current adjustments in the tax laws have additionally made it less possible to personal a house, so the dispute of renting vs. Buying for appears to settle does with this single factor. Nevertheless, there are many different points which ought to be taken into consideration within the hire vs. buy analysis. properly, we are going, to sum up, all of the points in this text is that we want our readers to sense at domestic, something choice they’re going to make with regard to renting and investing vs. buying.

Renting vs. Buying Pros and Cons

Whilst determining renting vs. buying the maximum commonplace argument is,

“why have to you pay a monthly hire on ordinary basis to a landlord together with all of the application bills when you may own a home with the aid of paying the same number of installments even for a selected period of time?”

In truth, there are many apart from monetary reasons why renting home stands more appealing and appropriate. You continually need to make sure whether or not you’re in a terrific economic position to shop for a house or not. You usually do not have enough capital for that cause, however, whilst analyzing renting vs. buying, your financial position or sound quantity of capital does not matter, you simply need to pay the advance and rent to occupy any dwelling that fits you on the primary hand. In maximum instances, you have got multiple picks and the primary residence at hand is not your handiest attention both. If your monetary occasions aren’t so as, and you observed that but is it is not the proper time you may stay so long as you need on rent.

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Is Paying Rent a Waste of Money?

The questions regularly requested while studying renting vs. Buying for is that whether or not paying rent is a total wastage of your money as you continue to be homeless at the quit regardless of how a great deal rent you have paid thru all those years. Sure, in reality, you are wasting cash in a feel, but the actual picture is not so. You are continually getting something in return of your heavy rent every month e.g. Safe haven, safety, peace of thoughts, and wholesome surroundings for yourself and your beloved ones. Even in case you buy that house, you’ll spend quite a few moneys in phrases of numerous taxes and other fees – like the lease, it’s far the capital you’ll now not be able to see once more. For that reason, proudly owning a residence isn’t continually just that best because it seems from the farther facet.

Renting Might Cost Less!

Every other facet of the image whilst comparing renting vs. buying is that even over the long term in a few instances the rent may be smaller as compared to the massive quantity you need to pay for proudly owning a house on the same location. There can also be a protracted lasting list of hidden costs; related to that schedule. A golden rule in this regard is not to buy a house if you recognize you gained stay there for as a minimum ten years. This in brief is the ideal recipe for renting vs. buying for a home.  To determine what’s going to fit you among renting vs. buying, the subsequent points can be useful: What can you have the funds for among a hire and a possession?

  • How much savings you really have?
  • How long are you planning to stay in that specific location?
  • Are you easy with moving around in case of dislocating?
  • Are you easy with the repairs/maintenance charges in case you own a house?
  • How strong are your financial foundations?

Expensive readers, as you have visible, we’ve got tried to investigate the topic of renting vs. Buying for thoroughly on our facet, however as we all understand, there are always positive probabilities of improvement, as a result, you’re welcome to write your piece of thoughts within the remarks phase below.

There are many Houses for rent in Lahore and also Houses for sale in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan. If want to buy a house or rent a house on reasonable prices and places. You need to have a visit on Pakistan’s Best Property Portal Righdeed.com.

If want daily update about Pakistan Real Estate News then you have to visit Pakistan Best Real Estate Blog.

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Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi

fazaia Housing Scheme
Fazaia Housing Scheme

Fazaia Housing Scheme is a dependable housing project in Karachi that offers lofts and villas. Specialists advocate that lofts right here have had a combined response from traders, but bungalows/villas have fared tons better. Allow us to take a glance why.

Fazaia housing scheme has two sites wherein improvement is in progress. Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase 1 is situated alongside Karachi Northern bypass in near proximity to Gulshan-e-Maymar, and Phase 2 is just 4 to 5 kilometers down the similar Road. The manner that it’s far specifically inside the fundamental city additionally puts it at a fantastic advantage.

The agreement for the improvement of Fazaia Housing Scheme became marked 12 months ago with a Chinese improvement organization, Shaanxi foreign economic, and trade Industrial Group Co. Ltd. (SFETIC). Fazaia Housing Scheme goals to offer a global-elegance dwelling to its occupants. Community clubs, institutes, fitness facilities, and plush parks are all part of the plan. Therefore, the challenge is expected to be a top-notch place to stay.

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Low Prices of Apartments:

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi has several matters going for itself inclusive of a relied-on developer; Pakistan Air force. The construction of residences has just commenced. However, in spite of many variables that ought to make those condo buildings a warm product, call for has not been as excessive as it became to start with anticipated.

As indicated through Shariq Iqbal of Iqbal Hassan Associates, one viable explanation for this will be that the builders have presented some distance too many apartments. The fees of these units never definitely took off and traders had been cautious to make massive bets. Apartments for sale in Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi, Double Story House for sale 275 sq. yd and Single-story House For sale in Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi.

Houses are in Good Prices:

Houses for sale in Fazaia Housing Scheme, alternatively, are becoming a very good response from traders. Two ballots were held in may additionally and August for 1600 units, and given that then the fees of these houses were going up.

The initial prices of Houses were:

  • Single-story House; 275 sq. yd. – PKR 9,204,500
  • Double-story House; 125 sq. yd. – PKR 6,642,000
  • Double-story House; 275 sq. yd. – PKR 12,455,800


As in step with Shariq Iqbal of Iqbal Hassan Associates, Fazaia Houses are a becoming option for making a short and long-term investment. Fees right here have been visible to be relentlessly going up for the reason that poll, and specialists anticipate that they will hold on doing so.

In coming years, the finest thing so that it will supply a lift to Fazaia Karachi is its nearness to the M-10 Motorway, normally referred to as Karachi Northern Bypass. Numerous important enhancements are planned along this street, as in step with the Karachi Strategic grasp Plan 2020, including a transport and change center. This can make the land of this place drastically extra profitable.

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Waqar Twin Tower Karachi

Waqar Twin Tower Karachi..
Waqar Twin Tower Karachi

Madiha associate’s builders and developers is launching a residential project in Karachi, Waqar twin tower. A skillfully mature development, which offers luxuriously furnished apartments of 2 3 & 5 room, an ideal place to invest in real estate market and residential point of view. Which are available on cash prices and easy installments in reasonable amount.


Waqar Twin Tower Location On map
Waqar Twin Tower Location On map

Waqar twin tower is located near Wasif Road in Karachi. It is the central road which integrate the roads So that people can live in terror free environment and protected of Hyderabad Karachi motorway, university road and Jinnah international airport Karachi are easily accessible. This offers an international class living experience.

Facilities of Project:

Waqar twin tower offers a top location which provide all modern life facilities, which are as follows:

  • An art planning state
  • Beautiful interior and exterior
  • Wide roads
  • Tiled flooring
  • Secure boundary wall
  • Underground Electricity
  • Electricity Backup
  • Sewerage
  • Satellite and cable
  • Mosque
  • Fitness center
  • cinema
  • Play area for kids
  • Nearby shopping malls
  • Nearby restaurants
  • 24/7 Security staff
  • Parking space

Luxurious apartments with latest home decoration trend of organized rooms, TV launch, updated designs of Kitchen, wide drawing rooms and other apartment facilities with consistent and sufficient security system, high alert security staff and assurance of electricity supply through its backup.

A wide spacious parking area, provides the facility of parking vehicles providing easiness of parking. Large lobbies and highly qualities fast in speed elevators are there. Sufficient facilities are design to maintain uniqueness.

Estimated Payment plan:

Particular A1-3 type 5 rooms A-3 Type Eco Type 3 rooms B Types 4 rooms
On booking 1,25,000 90,000 35,000 70,000
On confirmation 1,25,000 90,000 35,000 70,000
On allocation 1,25,000 90,000 35,000 70,000
Start of work 1,25,000 90,000 50,000 70,000
30 monthly installments 12000×30








05-year installments 45000×5








On plinth 1,50,000 1,50,000 50,000 1,00,000
13 slab casting 45000×13








Block Masonry 20000×13








On plaster 2000×13








On electric work 2000×13








On coloring 2000×13








On finishing 2000×13








Before possession 350000 300000 170000 200000
CASH PAYABLE 34,70,000 31,70,000 16,00,000 24,00,000

Reasonable prices and an affordable plan of installments offered by Waqar twin tower:

As Karachi is considered as the most developed area of Pakistan which is large and highly polluted area. Clean water is still a ranked problem in Karachi but Waqar twin tower providing the guarantee of clean and filtered water to its residence.

Luxuriously furnished apartments also assure an advance smart security system so that people can live in terror free environment and feel protected. Building design attracts many people because it is the central place and a chance to live in a secure place. Residential apartments for sale on installment in Waqar Twin Tower Karachi.

If you are looking for a residential place where you can live safely instead of living in societies. You are at the right place to make your residential experience unique.

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Tips for Owners to Generate Revenue from Rental Properties


Proudly owning condo belongings inside the actual estate market is the maximum profitable business. even though it’s no longer an easy undertaking, the fruitful returns make it worth a shot.

The call for condo homes is growing every day. Generally, people are transferring toward massive cities of Pakistan for higher task opportunities. Also, the exchange in trend from the joint family machine to unmarried-family is some other contributing issue.

The elevated inflation fee has also left humans with constrained options to build their personal homes. In keeping with an estimate, there is around a 23% increase in apartment homes in our country for the reason that 2009.

You may truly purchase Property and make income on it in a while. On this publish, we can speak some clever actions to carefully approach this long-time period investment.


Being the Property Owner, It’s A Business for You:

You should understand that owning a condominium property isn’t quite the same as having private assets. You ought to treat it as an enterprise. Many human beings hop into this business while not having a proper marketing strategy.

It calls for a complete-time test, contribution, time and management abilities. Buying a home at a suitable place is the name of the game to reaping rewards from this business.


Start with Small Projects:

Start With Small
Start with Small

Begin this business with a single unit of smaller size to check whether the enterprise simply suits you. starting on a smaller scale will enable you to get arms-on revel in first. You turn into familiar with the tests for upkeep fees, required book-retaining, and other related fees.

As according to the research, single-family houses are easy and nice, mainly whilst you’re looking from a funding factor of view.


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Keep Your Renter Contended:

There’s dependably an open-door cost identified for any occasion. whenever you provide your house for lease, you are possibly going to spend extra coins. there are terrific measure upkeep and preservation expenses whilst occupant movements out.

It’s far continuously recommended to hold your renters upbeat, as they’re your clients. you may make extra income in case you abstain from converting tenants on occasion.


Get Counsel from A Land Expert:

Property control every so often is called the most troublesome task to do. It is usually higher to suggest a few land professionals and get their recommendation before renting the assets.

These days, numerous real estate online portals provide clean, sincere, and legitimate information for the sake of owners and tenants. you can name their help centers and make the manner easy for yourself.


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Figure Out the Right Rent for The Property:

Right Rent for The Property

You will be stuck in an unfortunate situation in case you hire your private home too high or too low. Inside the occasion that you request too low, you may be in monetary loss. And in case you ask an excessive amount of, you’ll by no means find a tenant.

It is continually a venture to determine out the proper lease, meeting your prices and necessities.


Final Word:

On this ever-evolving marketplace, proprietors can discover new tenants without plenty of hassle. The secrets to preserve the topics honest and make documents of every single component.

If you simply need to generate revenue out of your apartment property, locate tenants who can pay lease on time and address your private home like their personal. A careful screening manner is usually recommended before renting your property.


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Invest in Real Estate

Invest in Real Estate

Pakistan’s real property is a standout amongst the maximum efficient elements to put your coins in. people have made hundreds of thousands in this marketplace internal months and this nicely of blessings and coins appears to haven’t any cease.

However, with the more part of the populace who are making big advantages from land, there are some different people who’ve gone bankrupt. the primary distinction among the two is that the previous knew hints of the exchange earlier than installing coins whilst the latter bounced in aimlessly. in the occasion that you, as well, are proceeding to invest into Pakistani real estate, it’s intelligent to get to know some vital hints with a selected end aim to set yourself up for development.

Here are 3 essential real property funding suggestions in an effort to permit you to make a contribution your coins cautiously.


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Go Along with The Wholesale Property:

Wholesale Real Estate

An incredible approach to spare large coins in actual property investment, in case you’re purchasing property in Pakistan, is to look for alleged bargain properties, in preference to completely built houses and plots in opulent zones. There is a lot of growing housing plans in every unmarried metropolis of Pakistan. what is more, at a similar price which you’d spend on shopping a 1 Kanal House in DHA Lahore a high-priced territory, you should purchase some little plots in a housing scheme this is still in its preliminary tiers. So, whilst the prices move up, you will have the possibility to acquire breathtaking benefits.

Purchasing wholesale property is just like putting resources into stocks. in case you buy shares while they may be down, you could profit from them after they pass up. further, whilst making an investment in actual property, purchase assets this is affordably priced and sit tight because the charges to head up. In Pakistan, it does not take years for assets to head pretty excessively in price. additionally, whilst that occurs, traders receive massive rewards.


Choose Right Property for Right Investment:

Choose Right Property for Right Investment

While making an investment in DHA Real Estate Market, the vicinity is the maximum crucial factor to search for. If the residence you are purchasing is located at an awful vicinity, your entire investment will move down the drain. So, to get massive yields in your funding, you ought to do not forget the area carefully. In actual estate, a trendy guideline is to buy the maximum incredibly terrible residence inside the high-quality road. This works since in case you buy a house in DHA on a street that has excessive esteem, you may have the risk to get extensive returns by way of getting the residence renovated.


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Evaluate Your Assets:

Evaluate Your Assets

Another imperative tip for real property traders is to calculate your returns earlier than you positioned assets right into an asset. As an instance, in case you’re purchasing a house that is situated in a high-esteem place, but, needs a few contact-ups, honestly, there might be odds of creating benefits. Yet, you want to make certain that you may spare an intensive sum after spending all that cash at the protection. Earlier than shopping for assets, you should determine how tons of coins you will need to spend on it before you can sell it at a decent fee. And after that, you must understand how tons gain you will make after selling the assets. By means of no longer identifying your margins in advance, you will just be capturing within the darkish and can be at a high hazard of failure.

These were 3 of the best investment hints to enable you to prevail within the real property marketplace. in case you dismiss all different counsel and follow just those three guidelines, you will be in the direction of making giant benefits quickly.

Normal Rainfall Expected in Some Unspecified Time in the Future of Monsoon

Pakistan Meteorological Department Percentage Departure of Rainfall

Karachi: Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has forecast regular rainfall in most areas of Pakistan for the duration of monsoon this year, from July to September. As according to the branch’s statistics from 1961 to 2010, common rainfall for the duration of monsoon in Pakistan is recorded at 137mm.

Consistent with PMD, due to the susceptible occurrence of El Nino inside the Pacific Ocean and a fantastic Indian Ocean Dipole, even as downpour all through monsoon might in large part stay regular throughout Pakistan, more than ordinary rainfall might be experienced within the northern vicinity of us of a. but, normal to beneath-everyday rainfall is predicted in Sindh and Baluchistan, with the temperature in those regions growing two to 3 stages higher than the normal temperature.

The Met office has additionally expected that extreme atmospheric conditions, consisting of floods, are in all likelihood to hit some areas of Pakistan in the coming monsoon season.

But these predictions are based on current parameters and separate month-to-month forecasts could be issued for the duration of monsoon, in the course of the first week of each month, stated the Met workplace.

Heatwave continues

Maximum Temperature Map Of Pakistan

Meanwhile, as heatwave persists in Karachi, the temperature is predicted to upward push to 41 tiers Celsius for the duration of day time on Saturday. Winds from the ocean will continue to be suspended whilst the city is possible to enjoy dry and hot winds coming from the Northwest.

In line with Met workplace, the heatwave, which intensified on Friday, will persist today and weather will stay hot and dry. The temperature will begin to drop from June 16, Sunday. meanwhile, the Pakistan clinical affiliation (PMA) has counseled residents settled alongside the coastal belt of Sindh to take preventative measures for fending off heatstroke.

The PMA Secretary-widespread Dr. SM Qaisar Sajjad said that citizens must keep away from going out unnecessarily from 11 am to 4 pm and in case it’s miles necessary to go out, they should try and stay in color. human beings are counseled to cover their heads with a cap or a wet material, no longer cross outdoor barefoot, keep away from playing outside video games and put on light-colored, unfastened-fitting garments, he introduced.

Dr. Sajjad stated that greater care ought to be taken of youngsters and antique humans for the duration of a heatwave as they have got low immunity. He additionally counseled the residents to consume light, domestic-cooked food and use boiled water for drinking.

Dr. Sajjad indexed the signs of heatstroke as itching, weak point, headache, speedy pulse, low blood pressure, nausea and vomiting, muscular pains and unconsciousness. Elaborating further, he said that in case a person suffers from heatstroke, he desires to be shifted to a shady location right away and supplied with clean consuming water. Inside the case of unconsciousness, the character’s entire body is to be sponged and sprayed with smooth water and the patient is to be shifted to the hospital straight away, he said.