Best Guidelines to Buy and Sell Property in DHA
Defence Housing Authority Pakistan

DHA is a dream place when we come to talk about real estate business in cosmopolitan cities like Lahore and Karachi. Especially when it comes to the topic of buy and sell Property in DHA we have a lot of options some of which would be discussed in this article.

Regardless of how to buy and sell Property in DHA we must consider what is your Vision about urban life style? When we talk about urban life style, we always think about something more comfortable and classified. And if we think urban life is only related to our home, we would dream more facilities near to our dwelling place like hospitals, school, colleges, transport facility, parking facility, smooth roads etc. After all that, we come to think about the price and endorsement if you are going to buy and sell Property in DHA Karachi.

Some questions may arise in that respect e.g.:

“Is it suitable to buy the house which you may want to sale after some time?”

Or “What is the status of local housing market?”

Whatever the case may be, to buy or sale a house in an urban real estate society like DHA is quite tricky some times. But in this article we would describe it with the help of various guide lines devised by our real estate experts that it will become more than easy for you when it comes to buy and sell Property in DHA Quetta.

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Evaluate and choose the agent wisely while going to buy and sell Property in DHA

It is also easy to get help from various real estate web portals for example about market prices and latest trends. But it is the best way to choose an agent. But don’t choose anyone as agent.

First of all, you have to check the presence of agent online then interview him and check that is he or she is presentable or not, fulfilling your requirement about house and does he a good marketer in way that you want to view the property. Compare apples with apples than choose him as agent. Real estate agent should be a potential structure your contract with commission.

It can help you to find or get reasonable prices. But don’t be fool by inexperienced people when going to buy and sell Property in DHA Lahore. It is a professional advice which you should follow while purchasing house.

How to Negotiate Commissions?

Negotiation will help you to keep prices in a fair value to buy and sell Property in DHA.

Facts about negotiation:

  • Commission are always negotiable, no matter how your agent tells you.
  • Don’t shy your agent, and let them know that you are comparing them with others, in that way you can go smooth with negotiation procedure.
  • Successful agents will more likely reduce your commission, because they have abundance of business.
  • Best agent will tell you properly about negotiation process and help you to deal with it.
  • Don’t make the contract procedure longer than 6 moths.

You are in great frame now, to sell or buy your home. You can go for your qualified agent.

Modify your house before purchasing:

You need to modify your house when you are going to buy and sell Property in DHA. Replace yourself with purchaser and think about your house modification. Because it effects great to attract purchaser. It is compulsory and foremost thing because every eye wants attraction. So, simply you need to go with a modification procedure to your house. Like paint, Mow of lawn etc.

Ask your agent for modification your house, it should also be a part of your contract. Because your agent is more professional than you. And if you are going to pay your agent, why should procedure go in professional hands. If this procedure is done by real estate agent, it can help agent to advertise your house briefly.

When you found the party, you are going to deal with, complete your payment procedure. Also pay nominal commission to the agent.

Stamp Paper procedure:

To assert that you have sold your property, here becomes an important procedure we called as stamp procedure comprising of the stamp paper requirements. Value of stamp paper depends on the value of property set by the government, and it is fixed according to the property strategies.

A new set of documents register to the buyer name includes right to use, right to sell, right to retain transfer to the buyer from seller. The local registrar of property will change the authority of the property after this process.

Seller have to declare with witness that he had sold this out to the buyer. The registrar than makes order to the local land record officer to make the changings regarding the ownership of the land, and transfer the title of the property to the buyer from the seller.

This is the procedure to buy and sell Property in DHA Islamabad and any other state.

Moreover, the procedure would go smooth and professional if you hire a professional and qualified agent. It can help you in real estate market, house modification and negotiation procedure.

This is it! That’s the whole procedure. Follow it in the order prescribed to execute a fine deal. You can also report the local authorities of state if you find any trouble at any stage in this procedure. They are always available to help you.

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Most Popular Areas to Buy a 10 Marla House under PKR 2 Crore in Lahore

While people say “Lahore Lahore Aye”, they aren’t precisely wrong. The city has an otherworldly and historic attraction, and its real estate has been eyed via limitless rulers who selected the town as their ruling seat. Whilst the hustle and bustle of the city might make you believe you studied otherwise, you may without difficulty find a 10 Marla house for sale in Lahore, and that too, beneath a fee variety of Pkr 20 million (Pkr 2 Crore)!


After compiling the user conduct on for the duration of the primary half of 2019, we’ve determined that the subsequent areas appealed the most to belongings buyers and traders searching for a 10 Marla house in Lahore below a price range of Pkr 2 million (Pkr 2 Crore):

Areas with 10 Marla houses under Pkr 2 Crore in Lahore

Thinking about the desk above, we will see that Bahria City, Central Park Housing Scheme and Architects Engineers Housing Society are the most popular area for making an investment in a 10 Marla house under Pkr 2 Crore. Those societies are observed through Lake City, Eden, Marghzar Officers’ Colony, Township, Punjab Co-operative Housing Society, Nasheman-e-Iqbal, and Jubilee Town.

Permit’s discuss the pinnacle 3 area in detail to present you a better idea of what their Real Estate Market holds for you in phrases of investment capability.

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is an upscale residential network, providing a gated housing improvement, committed commercial areas, landscaped parks and roundabouts, and various other facilities of international standards. that is why consistent with the information collected in august 2019, Bahria Town is the maximum popular area for buying a 10 Marla house in Lahore.

With regards to fees, investing in a ten Marla domestic under Pkr 2 Crore is likewise pretty possible in this housing scheme, as the average charge of a 10 Marla unit, as located at some stage in the primary six months of 2019, is Pkr 1.98 Crore. the world with the most houses on provides underneath Pkr 2 Crore in quarter c, which functions a number of famous sub-sectors, including Iris Block, Nargis Block, Jasmine Block, and Gulmahar Block. costs for a 10 Marla house in some of those blocks start as little as Pkr 1.55 Crore at the same time as others have a starting fee of Pkr 1.65 Crore.

Typical, there are lots of perks of living in Bahria Town, Lahore. apart from the properly-planned housing facilities it offers, there are parks, colleges, hospitals, and industrial facilities dotting the entire development. With recognize to Sector C, all 4 of the maximum famous blocks are near Bahria Town principal boulevard and Sector C’s commercial place, which is a hub of eating places, comfort shops, and banks.



Centrally located on Ferozepur Road wherein the metro bus machine is operational as part of the Public transport system in Lahore, Central Park Housing Scheme (CPHS) is a master-deliberate community along with blocks from A-H. genuine to its name, the society has a Central Park, that’s without problems on hand by using citizens of all the blocks.

The average fee of a 10 Marla house in CPHS, as of the primary half of 2019, is Pkr 1.33 Crore. Sector A and Sector G is the most famous sub-districts for investing in a 10 Marla home under Pkr 2 Crore in Central Park Housing Scheme. The lowest starting costs right here are Pkr 1.35 Crore and Pkr 1.4 Crore for sectors A and G respectively.

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Relevant park housing scheme’s vicinity makes it best for commuting at some point of Lahore via the metro bus routes. As for what’s greater on providing except the large park located within its limits, the society provides free delivery of filtered water to every resident, a secured and gated network with CCTV surveillance, as well as the Chugtai Public Library and small industrial hubs for each block.


Comprising blocks, A to K, Architects Engineers Housing Society is an upscale residential development positioned on khayaban-e-Jinnah Road. Its area offers residents easy get admission to Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital, situated at the equal avenue at the same time as being surrounded by using several different popular housing schemes consisting of Wapda Town, Johar Town, and others.

Thinking about the information for the primary six months of 2019, we will finish that the average price for a 10 Marla home here is Pkr 1.90 Crore, with zone b being the maximum famous district for this unique asset’s kind. the beginning charge of a 10 Marla unit in Sector B is Pkr 1.85 Crore.

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Architects Engineers Housing Society gives 10 Marla homes on the market in Lahore amidst a properly-deliberate placing with a valuable boulevard of 50 toes catering to small business districts on each facet. Parks and mosques also are available in every block to facilitate citizens at the same time as making sure safe and at ease environment within the community.

Some of the most popular areas to buy a 10 Marla house in Lahore below 20 million, we additionally have Lake City, that is a modern suburb constructed away from the critical hustle and bustle of Lahore and offers 10 Marla units at a median price of Pkr 1.85 Crores. one of the oldest areas on our list is a Township, Lahore, which has been on the map since the Fifties and is absolutely developed and approved via the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The average price of a 10 Marla unit here is Pkr 1.59 Crores. any other option you could don’t forget is Punjab Co-operative housing society (PCHS) which is ideal for middle-income shoppers looking for a 10 Marla house on the market in Lahore with a mean fee of Pkr 1.85 Crores.

You could also discover your options after consulting our Lahore property market report for H1 2019 and discover a nice location to invest your money based on your price range.

Live tuned to Rightdeed Blog as we share a chain of posts targeted in the direction of a variety of belongings types, prices tiers, and sizes within the coming days. drop us an e-mail at  when you have any questions or concerns.

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Most Popular Areas to Buy A 5 Marla House Under PKR 9 Million in Lahore

Lahore is a vibrant town, well-known for its ancient homes, rich cultural historical past, and the scene of a thriving meal. The town besides being deep-rooted in records has modernized during the last few decades. Its sturdy infrastructure, modernized public delivery device, academic opportunities, and plenty of different amenities have made it a top preference among home buyers. In current years, the actual property market of Lahore has a visible brilliant boom with new projects particularly being developed to match the needs of those looking for low-cost housing options. You will locate many low-fee housing schemes imparting 5 Marla House for sale in Lahore.

5 Marla House Under PKR 9 Million in Lahore

As consistent with the data are shown above, khayaban-e-amin, al Rehman lawn, Eden housing society are the most popular housing societies wherein you could discover 5 Marla homes on the market in Lahore beneath Pkr 9 million. Amongst other areas are Lahore garden housing scheme, GT Road, hamza city, New Lahore City, bismillah housing scheme, ghous garden, and Punjab govt. servant society. We can now discuss the pinnacle 3 areas in further detail.


When it comes to low budget houses in Lahore, khayaban-e-amin tops the listing. this housing venture is advanced by way of Sahir Associates Pvt. Ltd. to their credit score is the upscale housing society of DHA Lahore as properly. khayaban-e-amin lies towards the southern a part of Lahore. it’s far nicely linked to nearly all the primary arteries of Lahore, together with Multan Road, Raiwind Road, Badian Road, Ferozepur Road, and Airport Road. Moreover, one of the most important arteries of Lahore, the Ring Road Lahore passes via the housing area.

One of the key functions of khayaban-e-amin is that the entrance is around 165 feet wide and is sandwiched between two popular housing schemes Fazaia Housing Scheme and DHA Rahbar. People who stay in khayaban-e-amin have got right of entry to a number of amenities like colleges, parks, and hospitals close by.

khayaban-e-amin presently presents some simple services to its citizens. it has its personal trip carrier that makes commuting smooth for the residents. This provider is to be had 24/7. Moreover, there are network facilities, Jamia masjid, carpeted roads, own family parks, and well-maintained water supply and sewerage device.

For those trying to find 5 Marla houses for sale in Lahore beneath Pkr 9 million, khayaban-e-amin presents many investment opportunities. In step with the statistics, we have collected as of August 2019, the common fee of a 5 Marla plots for sale in khayaban-e-amin is round Pkr 58.30 lakh.

The developer of the mission wanted to assemble low-value homes in order that everybody should buy a house in their very own. This is the principle motive why you’ll locate comparatively low expenses in khayaban-e-amin. block-P of khayaban-e-amin is the maximum famous block with charges of 5 Marla houses starting from Pkr 37 lakh and going as excessive as Pkr 42 lakh. If you are looking to buy a 5 Marla house under price range then you can also discover options in block-N and M of khayaban-e-amin.

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As in keeping with our records facts for the primary half of 2019, al Rehman lawn is the second maximum popular place to buy a 5 Marla house in Lahore underneath Pkr 9 million. the common fee as recorded in August 2019 for a 5 Marla houses in Al Rehman Garden is Pkr 86.46 lakh, with the maximum famous section being al Rehman garden phase 2. you could without problems discover a 5 Marla house below Pkr 9 million with expenses beginning as little as Pkr 45 lakh.

Al Rehman Garden is further divided into 7 phases. Al Rehman lawn phase 2 is pretty popular amongst the ones searching out 5 Marla plots for sale in Lahore.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 is placed close to Faizpur interchange on Sharaqpur Road in Lahore. It’s far an upscale housing society with current infrastructure and carpeted roads. a comfy and gated network, it is a non-violent place that entices home buyers to buy their dream domestic here. Prices are relatively lower here as it’s far located near Sheikhupura, away from the primary town. The housing society is in close proximity to M-2 highway that makes traveling to Islamabad quite clean for the citizens. it has its own purchasing complex, hospital, mosques, parks and community centers.

One of the main factors that activate home buyers to invest in 5 Marla houses for sale Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 is that they have their own grid station, which ensures there is no load shedding in the location.


The next housing society on our listing is Eden. its miles evolved through Eden housing, a famed real estate developer. it gives a number of homes, from homes, villas, cottages to residences and home plots. It’s far divided in addition into subareas, namely Eden Value Homes, Eden City, Edenabad, Eden Villas, Eden Villas 2, Eden Avenue, Eden Boulevard, Eden Cottage 1, Eden Cottage 2, Eden Gardens, Eden Palace Villas, Eden Canal Villas, Eden Residencia, and Eden Defence Villas.

As of August 2019, the average fee of a 5 Marla residence in Eden is Pkr 79.84 lakh. maximum of those houses is to be had in Eden cost homes. there is a double tale, properly-constructed houses with charges starting at Pkr 80 lakh.

Other popular areas like Lahore garden housing scheme additionally provide properly-constructed prepared-to-pass-in houses at low-cost rates. Lahore lawn housing scheme is a properly-developed society with parks, sanatorium and primary facilities like provision of fuel and strength. Further, you’ll discover masses of funding alternatives on considered one of South Asia’s oldest roads, the GT Road, which become built within the 16th century. SA Gardens on Gt Road Lahore is a famous area to buy a 5 Marla residence underneath Pkr 90 lakh. The starting price is as little as Pkr 67 lakh.


We have discussed some of the most popular areas to buy 5 Marla houses in Lahore under budget. If you are looking for investment options in Lahore, then take a look at our Property Market Report for H1 2019.

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Bahria Town Lahore With Excellent Landmarks

Bahria Town Lahore..
Bahria Town Lahore

Monuments testify to 1’s plans and responsibilities. Monuments are selected to expose the determination of big businessmen in Bahria city, both customers, and residents.

Another time, Bahria city stands out as Pakistan’s best subculture with such lovely creative additives.

Bahria Town Lahore is Pakistan’s biggest home developer. Since the time you had been born in Lahore, you ought to have seen Minar-e-Pakistan, badshahi Mosque, Lahore zoo, etc. Bahria city Lahore has now revived and provided distinct options to your good leisure moment.

Are you planning to go to any new places in Lahore?

Grand Mosque, Bahria Lahore

Grand Mosque of Bahria town Lahore
Grand Mosque of Bahria town Lahore

Bahria City has the world’s seventh and third-biggest Pakistani Mosques, i.e. Grand Mosque. The Mosque itself is a memorial to the splendor that leaves a man together with his historic angle speechless. Seventy thousand individuals can pray at the same time. It represents turkey’s lifestyle with well-constructed tapestries, chandeliers, artwork and more.

Eiffel Tower Now Stands in Pakistan Bahria Town

Eiffel Tower Bahria Town Lahore
Eiffel Tower Bahria Town Lahore

In Bahria city of Lahore, the significant Eiffel tower is replicated. It’s far 265 meters massive and can pay homage to the original. for individuals who want to visit Paris and have a examine what it truly feels like, it is sightseeing.

It provides a completely cardiovascular attitude at night. many marriage photographers now use this context to make their marriage masterpiece extra stunning.

Eiffel tower is spread over 3 levels: L’Eiffel, fine dine, and pinnacle, (viewing deck). The Eiffel tower has three tiers. there’s a Rs 100/-price tag according to man or woman in an eating place, and a Rs 350/-ticket per man or woman is covered within the pinnacle view.

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Egyptian Pyramids –the Gigantic Ahram-e-Misr

Egyptian Pyramids
Egyptian Pyramids

You cannot pass over this remarkable archaeological web site. a unique enclave turned into built with the aid of the community to awareness on Egyptian treasures. First-rate calligraphically files and pictures representing historical structure can be observed on the wall.

This region has first-rate parks constructed on the subject matter of Cambodia and Egypt. The huge Egyptian thematic doors offer a charming view.

Hotels and Resorts in Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore has a terrific, international-magnificence hotel with luxurious visitor rooms. There are also meal chains that offer a wide variety of kitchens. within the inn are Akbar’s delicacies, grand café, and panini café.

A mini-golf route is on the threshold of the inn to provide enjoyment and eating under one roof. You can cross and spend a laugh weekend with your circle of relatives.

Cine Gold Movie Cinema

Inside the community, there’s an extremely good cinema with a contemporary every day outside. You will enjoy a first-rate revel in with built-in display and audio schemes. the seats are definitely comfy and make your film enjoyable.

A preferred room reservation charge is Rs. 700/-according to individual and the VIP circle of relative’s box charges Rs. 1200 consistent with a person, which include 14 couch recliners.

Country Club Bahria Town Lahore

The Country Club is a place where you may respect various cuisines and love golfing inside the adorable greenery.

It offers a breathtaking perspective of the heavens within the evening and at night time.

Trafalgar Square in Lahore

You need to have visible or learned approximately Trafalgar rectangular in case you’ve ever visited London. Even though Trafalgar rectangular within the Bahria isn’t that massive as the unique, it offers you with the effect of being London. With the imitation of this London monument, you could take wonderful images.

Safari Villas Zoo Bahria Town
Safari Zoo

A safari park is a tiny zoo constructed in a lovely way in the city premises of Bahria. It carries up to 9 diverse animal species. it’s a wonderful vicinity for children to enjoy. You could visit the zoo easily and notice all of the lovely animals making noises. that is additionally a nice region for a non-violent walk.

You can locate extra thrilling regions inside the town of Lahore. But Bahria Town solely offers you interesting and fine locations to make investments your enjoyment time.

Living in Bahria Town Lahore

There are many best housing societies in Lahore, but I suggest to you if you thinking about invest in real estate Lahore, you’ve to invest in Bahria Town Lahore.

There are many different properties to invest in Bahria Town Lahore, for example Residential plots for sale in Bahria town Lahore, Commercial plots for sale in Bahria town Lahore, 5 Marla House for sale in Bahria town Lahore, 10 House for sale in Bahria town Lahore, 1 Kanal Houses for sale in Bahria town Lahore.

And the other hand 4 commercial properties for sale in Bahria town Lahore, 8 Marla commercial properties for sale in Bahria town Lahore.

If you need to get more about Real Estate Pakistan, stay tuned with best real estate blogs in Pakistan.

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Askari 11 Lahore an Ideal Place to Live
Askari 11 Lahore

Living in Askari 11 Lahore comes with a lot of perks. due to its modern-day infrastructure, steeply-priced way of life and top region, the mission is taken into consideration one of the most perfect locations to stay inside the bustling metropolis.

Askari Housing Society Lahore has continually been famous among real estate buyers within the city – and for a great purpose. The upscale housing scheme started out with one phase back in the 1980s. However, it now comprises 11 phases, all of which are recognized for his or her basically crime-free surroundings, pinnacle-notch services, and low-cost housing options.

Similar to Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Askari Housing Society Lahore became additionally installed to facilitate officers of Pakistan military and their families. However, that doesn’t mean civilians cannot make investments or stay inside the area. Also known as defense officers’ housing societies, this modern residential scheme changed into one of the first gated communities in Lahore to introduce the concept of separate entry and go out points.

As said above, all phases of Askari Housing Society are purposeful and provide some of the facilities along with a secure surrounding. but, the chance of residing in Askari 11 Lahore seems to be drawing plenty of interest from the inhabitants of the city– mainly the ones seeking out residences on the Market in Lahore. Especially those looking for flats for sale in Lahore.

Askari 11 Lahore is split into 3 sectors, particularly sector A, sector B, and sector C. In case you’re questioning what units this housing scheme aside from different areas of Lahore, right here’s a list that would solve some of your queries.


These are the centers and facilities that ensure the first-class life-style in Askari 11 Lahore.

  • Prime location
  • Secure environment
  • Educational institutes
  • Medical facilities
  • Shopping malls and markets
  • Parks and recreational centres
  • Mosques
  • Cafes and restaurants

Let’s discuss about these factors in element to determine what makes living in Askari 11 a great choice.


Its proximity to Lahore Ring Road has played a huge part in the housing scheme’s popularity

One in every of the largest professionals of living in Askari 11 Lahore is genuinely its ideal place. this housing scheme is far away from the city’s hustle and bustle, but its citizens nonetheless have smooth access to all parts of the town way to Lahore ring avenue.

Askari 11 is placed adjoining to DHA Phase v on Bedian Road and can be without problems reached from Nawaz Sharif Interchange and Kamahan-Lidher Road.

Allama Iqbal International Airport is placed at a quick 16-minute power from the residential society if you travel via ring street. in the meantime, Lahore Cantt railway station is roughly a 30-minute drive away. Popular tourist attractions in Lahore, such as Lahore Fort and badshahi Mosque are also greater or less half of an hour’s force far from Askari eleven.



Given its proximity to Lahore Ring Road, those living in Askari 11 Lahore additionally have smooth access to transportation. in truth, the residents of this nicely-evolved gated community can reach all components of Lahore within a count of minutes.

Apart from experience-hailing services, the citizens of the location can also commute thru public buses. there are several bus stops located inside the vicinity, such as UET bus prevent, Dera Chahal bus stop, thethar pully bus stop, karbath soling bus stop and inheritor bus stop on Bedian Road. the Daewoo bus stop close to DHA 2 is also no longer far to reach.

Easily to be had Public Transportation is one of the top centers in Askari 11 Lahore.



Askari 11 is considered one of the safest places to live in Lahore
Askari 11 is considered one of the safest places to live in Lahore

Askari Housing Society Lahore is considered one of the safest areas to live in Lahore and askari 11 isn’t any specific.

The housing scheme gives 24/7 security carrier to its citizens, ensuring a peaceful and secure environment for all. there may be additionally a network of CCTV surveillance cameras inside the area to prevent any unlucky incidents. moreover, there are checkpoints on all access and go out points to preserve a check on who’s coming into and leaving society.

As a long way as greenery is worried, Askari 11 Lahore is surrounded with the aid of lush inexperienced natural splendor promising a smooth and clean environment.

Different facilities in Askari 11 Lahore consist of strength backup and separate industrial regions amongst others.

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There are several preferred shops and market areas positioned in and round askari 11.

Askari Mall Sector B, Koncept Furniture, Rehman Centre, COSMOS Departmental Store, Oasis Mini Mart and Shopping Complex Sector C are all located in the area. Usman Shopping Mall in Khuda Bakhsh Colony is also in the vicinity.

In the meantime, human beings living in Askari 11 Lahore can also reach Packages Mall close to Walton road, Mall of Lahore in Cantt, Imperial Mall in Paragon City, and fort rectangular mall in Saddar Town inside 30 minutes through Ring Road Lahore.



When you have youngsters, residing in Askari 11 Lahore will permit you to send them to a number of the quality educational institutes in the city. Here are some of the top colleges in the housing scheme and its place which are famed for providing first-rate training alongside specializing in co-curricular sports. most of these schools offer both O and level classes.

  • Lexicon School for Girls
  • Roots International School
  • TCF School
  • Army Public School
  • SICAS main campus
  • The City School

Most popular colleges in Askari 11 Lahore.

  • Government Degree College for Women
  • Government Degree College for Boys

Moreover, these universities near Askari 11 are quite famous among those planning to seek higher education in Lahore.

  • Lahore Garrison University
  • The Millennium University College
  • Avicenna Dental College
  • Avicenna Medical College
  • Lahore University of Management Sciences
  • AIMS Institute of Management Sciences
  • Lahore Leads University



Like most residential societies in the city, Askari 11 Lahore houses a number of beautiful mosques
Like most residential societies in the city, Askari 11 Lahore houses a number of beautiful mosques

there are several lovely and spacious mosques in Askari 11 Lahore, making it simpler for the citizens to offer prayers without having to tour some distance from their houses. askari quarter a mosque, askari area b mosque, and askari zone c mosques are the most outstanding mosques inside the area along with askari heights mosque in area b and Jamia Mosque sector C.



along with being surrounded through lush inexperienced bushes, askari 11 additionally houses a number of scenic and family-friendly parks which are perfect for a night stroll or an early morning jog.

Some of the parks in the region a encompass Nawaz Sharif park and children park whilst sector B is home to Askari sector B park, Al Arfi park, and Al Sakina park. Meanwhile, children park and family park at the side of Askari sector C own family park are placed in sector C.

Alongside strolling tracks and benches, those parks even have a separate play region for Kids.

Moreover, the ones dwelling in Askari 11 Lahore also can visit equid me, a popular recreational middle on the Kamahan-Lidher street opposite askari 11 gate 2. this sports activities facility gives indoor and outside yoga classes, horse using training and swimming lessons. in addition, they have one of the pleasant cafes inside the vicinity, making equid me a famous desire amongst parents and children alike.

If you are a sports activities enthusiast, Syed Maratib Ali Shah sports activities complex is placed best a brief drive away in Punjab Small Industries Housing Society.



When it comes to medical centers, the residents of Askari 11 Lahore have got right of entry to to a number of the nice Hospitals and Clinics in Lahore. these are some of the hospitals positioned in society and close by regions:

  • Government Shahbaz Sharif Hospital
  • Shahbaz Sharif Indus Hospital
  • Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute
  • Muhammadan Autism Spectrum & Rehabilitation Trust
  • National Hospital and Medical Center
  • Health Bridge Hospital
  • Fuji Foundation Hospital Lahore



From traditional Pakistani dishes to fast-food items, you can find pretty much everything in Askari 11 Lahore

This residential society homes some simply excellent options for food fans within the City. Including to the long listing of facilities in Askari 11 Lahore, residents have clean get right of entry to desi and multi-delicacies eating places alongside speedy-meals joints and cafes.

Popular Cafes and Restaurants in Askari 11 Lahore and nearby areas include:

  • Khyber Village
  • Fish and Grill
  • Baithak Restaurant
  • Donjon Pizza
  • Crosta Della Pizza
  • La La Be
  • That’s My Grill
  • Handi Roti
  • Café Hi 5
  • Grill River
  • Whata Paratha


Askari is considered one of the most popular areas to buy property in Lahore

Investment opportunities in Askari 11 for those making plans to buy for properties in Lahore.

Houses for sale in Askari 11 Lahore are common to be had in 10 Marla House for sale and 1 Kanal house for sale alternatives. The price trend of 10 Marla unit within the area starts at PKR 1.9 Crore and is going as much as PKR 2.5 Crore. Meanwhile, buying a 1 Kanal house at Askari 11 price between PKR 3.2 Crores and PKR 3.8 Crore.

Then again, in case you are looking for flats for sale in Askari 11 Lahore, the fee of 3-bedroom apartments inside the area ranges from PKR 1.1 Crores to PKR 1.6 Crores. when you have a big circle of relatives, you may also inspect buying a 4-bed flat in the area. These flats in Askari 11 Lahore cost between PKR 1.4 Crores and PKR 2 Crores.



Apartments for rent in Askari 11 Lahore usually have two or three bedrooms
Apartments for rent in Askari 11 Lahore usually have two or three bedrooms

The rate of 10 Marla house for rent in Askari 11 Lahore varies from PKR 50,000 to PKR 75,000 per month. Renting a 1 Kanal unit inside the place charges someplace around PKR 90,000 and PKR 96,000 on a monthly basis.

As for flats for rent in Askari 11 Lahore, the condominium fashion of 3-bed flats starts at PKR 38,000 and is going as much as PKR 60,000. Meanwhile, you could hire a 4-bedroom flat within the vicinity in the range of pkr PKR 43,000 and 60,000 PKR or higher.

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Saima Arabian Villas

Saima Arabian Villas
Saima Arabian Villas

Saima Group, also known as Saima developers and developers, is a renowned name within the Real property region of Pakistan. they’ve constructed many villas, houses, apartments or even excessive-rise purchasing department stores. Saima Arabian Villas is a residential venture of Saima Group and are placed north Karachi, that is a contemporary township. dwelling in Saima Arabian Villas ensures easy to get right of entry to some of the centers like Mosques, faculties, and parks.



  • Importance of location
  • Secure area
  • Well-constructed houses
  • Gas connection now available
  • Access to basic amenities
  • Society events

IMPORTANCE OF LOCATION Located in Gadap Town within North Karachi

  • Surjani Town
  • Gulshan-e-Maymar
  • Taiser Town
  • Saima Arabian Villas
  • Garden City


Placed in Gadap city inside North Karachi, Saima Arabian villas stand in top 5 in terms of rightdeed’s search trends of the most famous neighborhoods in Gadap Town. It’s far divided into 8 blocks: from A to H. North Karachi is spread over an extensive region, away from the hustle and bustle of the primary city. it has extensive, easy roads, stunning, lush inexperienced parks, and plenty of other facilities. It touches famous neighborhoods of recent Karachi, Surjani Town, and Gulshan-e-maymar.


Outline of Services in Saima Arabian Villas
Saima Arabian Villas is a well planned housing project of Saima Group Credit FB/SaimaGroup

What makes Saima Arabian Villas one of the maximum rewarding investment alternatives for home buyers? First off, it’s far a gated community where CCTV cameras have been established at various places. Moreover, police automobiles patrol the vicinity at night time. secondly, you will discover grocery stores, parks, and mosques in each block; that is a prime comfort for residents of Saima Arabian Villas as basic services are to be had inside on foot distance.



Electricity Connections have long been provided to residents of Saima Arabian Villas. But there had been no gas connections, initially. currently, this issue has also been resolved and right gasoline connections were mounted in a few blocks of Saima Arabian Villas; the last ones will receive the utility soon. Improvement in infrastructure is expected to have a profoundly fantastic impact on the challenge’s assets prices. therefore, many buyers are looking to shop for assets within the community.


Provision of Underground Types of Electricity Wiring

There are numerous present-day services in Saima Arabian Villas. Rather than the overhead cable lines, they have got underground electricity traces laid. The benefit of getting underground cables is that there may be little to no voltage drop. consequently, there are fewer chances of electrical faults. this, in turn, reduces overall protection fees.

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Aside from the gas and electricity connections, People living is Saima Arabian Villas have got right of entry to to a number of colleges. families which have faculty-going youngsters have a terrific blend of the presidency and pinnacle-rated personal schools to select from.

Authorities primary faculty, AL Mumtaz Islamic school, and Talha grammar college are placed nearby. Parents additionally sign up their children in Karachi City School in Sector 1 of Surjani town and even in colleges in North Nazimabad, that’s most effective a 30-minute pressure away.

People living in Saima Arabian Villas now not only have to get admission to desirable colleges, however, they also can find institutes of higher mastering within smooth attain. Hamdard University, top-rated higher gaining knowledge of institute is positioned a 20-minute pressure away. it is a purpose-constructed campus, housing various colleges of engineering, health sciences, it and Unani (herbal) medication.

On the campus, there may be a big floor, wherein rare herbs are grown both for research and educational functions. new drug treatments are also invented in the lab. other famed universities like Iqra University and Jinnah University for Women also are placed in near proximity to Saima Arabian Villas.


Locations of Worship

Mosques are present in almost every block in Saima Arabian Villas Credit FBSaimaGroup
Mosques are present in almost every block in Saima Arabian Villas Credit FB/SaimaGroup

Living in Saima Arabian Villas has its perks. For instance, you do not have to cover long distances for your regular prayers. Each block has a special place of worship, more commonly referred to as the Jamia masjid. There are central mosques in Blocks A, B, C and E. Bait-Ur-Rehman mosque located in Block B needs a special mention. It has the characteristic dome and a front lawn.


Plenty of Grocery Shops

Saima Arabian Villas has many supermarkets inside its premises. you do no longer want to journey far to inventory your month-to-month substances. you can locate Syed fashionable shop and bin Mumtaz store located in block B. People also can head to saving home grocery store in new Karachi, simplest in the event that they do not locate what they want at the nearby grocery shops.



One of the perks of living in Saima Arabian Villas is ease of access to fashionable sports activities centers. There is a skating rink being evolved for kids. developers of the mission have taken under consideration every little bit of element for a relaxed dwelling. inside the grasp plan of Saima Arabian Villas, the management has allotted a special region for sports activities complex, comprising tennis and basketball courts.



Beautiful parks and playgrounds are available for residents of Saima Arabian Villas Credit FBSaimaGroup
Beautiful parks and playgrounds are available for residents of Saima Arabian Villas Credit: FB/SaimaGroup

Every other key function of Saima Arabian Villas is the availability of family parks in every block. People cross for an evening stroll in these lush greens, properly-maintained parks and experience a second of peace. For people who like to take part in one-of-a-kind, activities will by no means be disillusioned. The control of Saima Arabian Villas organizes occasions on unique events of August 14 and new 12 months. An Azadi festival turned into also held to celebrate Independence Day in 2018.



Beautiful houses and apartments are constructed in Saima Arabian Villas Credit FBSaimaGroup
Beautiful houses and apartments are constructed in Saima Arabian Villas Credit: FB/SaimaGroup

Property expenses in Saima Arabian Villas are expected to boom within the near destiny, particularly after gasoline connections may be hooked up in all the blocks. This precise development has spiked the hobby of buyers searching out a good opportunity to invest in Saima Group’s Housing projects.

Allow us to take a look at homes up on the market in the residential network. For everybody interested in investing in north Karachi, there’s no higher alternative than buying a house in Saima Arabian Villas.

A geared up-to-pass-in 120 Sq. house for sale in Saima Arabian Villas is in the famous call for. It’ll value you pkr 65 lakh to pkr 1.2 crores. if you are seeking out a bigger residence, then a 160 Sq. residence is a superb choice to bear in mind. Take a look at out its expenses, ranging from pkr 86 lakh to pkr 1.2 crores. a 2-bed flat for sale in Saima Arabian Villas is to be had in the pkr 35 lakh to pkr 55 lakh variety. There are also stores for sale, starting from pkr 46 lakh and going as excessive as pkr 60 lakh.

In case you are interested in other upcoming housing initiatives of Saima Group, then stay tuned to the top property blog in Pakistan.  Also, don’t forget to test out our specified blog on the perks of living in Gulshan-e-Maymar.

Stay Update with Pakistani News and Stay tuned on Pakistan’s best real estate and news blog blogs.


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DHA Quetta: The First-Ever Ultramodern Housing Project in The City
DHA Quetta

Nestled in a beautiful valley engulfed via the potent mountains, Quetta is a remarkable town recognized for its particular records, mountainous views, and hospitality. together with being the capital of Balochistan, it’s miles the fifth-largest city of Pakistan. the metropolis offers a pleasing blend of Pashtoon and Baloch way of life, which reflects inside the form of traditions, cuisine, and lifestyle. the property market in Quetta is undergoing a chief overhaul; it has witnessed the release of some of the essential housing tendencies over the past couple of years. one of the greatest examples in this regard is the construction of DHA Quetta.


In recent years, the defense housing authority has released its housing projects in lots of cities, because of the increasing demand for gated groups inside the actual property region of Pakistan.

with a stellar recognition in the country’s property market, DHA is exceptionally known for building housing projects that provide contemporary living facilities, the right infrastructure, and comfortable environment. the availability of utilities like water, electric powered and electricity supply is also one of the key highlights of DHA projects.

DHA Quetta is a lucrative investment opportunity

Despite the reality that the improvement in DHA Quetta is in its preliminary phase, the stakeholders of the challenge have already assured that it will provide the pleasant way of life capabilities and facilities like some other modern-day residential network. most of these factors make it a rather worthwhile funding opportunity upon which local, in addition to remote places traders, have set their eyes.


As soon as completed, Quetta’s defense is set to grow to be the most high-cease neighborhood within the city. so, let’s test some of the important thing features of this challenge.

  • Location
  • Security
  • Facilities and Amenities
  • Environment


Being in proximity to national motorway 25, the housing venture of DHA Quetta will experience an ideal vicinity. the future citizens of this ultramodern network will most effective be 7 km far from Quetta worldwide airport and sixteen km far away from the city center. Another issue so as to make DHA Quetta stand out is that it has been planned to have a grand entrance so that it will open closer to the n 25 motorway.

A number of the famous places close to the proposed vicinity of the defense Quetta consist of Quetta worldwide airport, sheikhmanda station, Khalid base Quetta, and beleli city. moreover, the dwellers of DHA Quetta will be residing in proximity to Hanna and Urak, that is of the maximum well-known picnic places in Balochistan.


Safety is considered as one of the vital elements of everyday dwelling standards. The master plan of DHA Quetta includes a fool-proof safety device, making it one of the comfiest neighborhoods in Quetta to stay in. the management of the housing scheme might be sorted by way of retired military personnel. Quetta’s defense place can have a committed protection force, patrolling the vicinity 24/7 and CCTV mounted at many factors for surveillance.

DHA Quetta will offer world-class facilities and features

The concept in the back of DHA Quetta is to take you some distance from the concerns of unplanned improvement leading to crowded city spaces. The mission will have a well-maintained infrastructure, sanitation system and underground system of electric wires. the society goes to be efficiently mapped out in an effort to further be divided into sectors, stages or blocks having commercial, commercial enterprise, and residential divisions.

Moreover, the network is going to have all of the needful community services such as trendy scientific and educational facilities, business markets, masjids, leisure spots, and purchasing facilities. Being nicely connected with n 25 dual carriageway and only some minutes’ drives away from the town middle, the citizens of DHA Quetta could be able to trip quite simply.


Paying due attention closer to the betterment of the environment in the town, developers have included tree plantation on a massive scale inside the master plan of DHA Quetta, making greenery one of the key highlights of the assignment. the citizens right here will have to get right of entry to many inexperienced spaces being planted with dozens of various forms of tree species commonly observed in Balochistan.

DHA Quetta offers many affordable property options

Making an investment in DHA Quetta is taken into consideration moneymaking as well as secure for quite some motives. Firstly, it’s far a challenge proposed by way of the defense housing authority. secondly, homes right here could be legally authorized and identified with the aid of all of the worried government. Similarly, the project is in its preliminary stage, so the real estate value of the venture is expected to move up as it nears it’s of completion.

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Presently, the DHA project in Quetta comes with many low-cost investment alternatives for traders. These are to be had within the shape of dozens of residential plot files for sale in DHA Quetta and commercial plot files for sale in DHA Quetta, a good way to, in a while, be transformed into actual plots after the allocation of land. for now, handiest 1 Kanal plot documents are available on the market in DHA Quetta. Going over one hundred in numbers, the plot files for sale in DHA Quetta’s defense vicinity are supplied with a diverse rate range that starts off evolved from pkr 29 lakh, going all of the manners up to pkr 71 lakh.


Offering top-notch residing standards, high-end centers, and less expensive belongings alternatives, making an investment in DHA Quetta is a no brainer. so, if you are willing to fetch extra records concerning the system of buy plot files in DHA Quetta or the progress of the challenge’s development, then you can without problems touch the builders of DHA Quetta by the usage of the following details.

Contact Number: 081-2864446-7

UAN: 081-111-111-400

Address: DHA Main Office Airport Road, Quetta


Interested in the mission? Inclined to recognize extra about it? go away us your queries at

and we can try to get lower back to you as quickly as we can. And stay tuned to Rightdeed blog, to catch all of the latest Real Estate Pakistan Updates from all over the country.

*Images for this blog have been sourced from the Official Website of DHA Quetta

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Pearl City Towers Faisalabad

Pearl City Towers Faisalabad
Pearl City Towers Faisalabad

Now a day’s apartments are the center of attraction for people, they prefer to Buy a flat or Rent apartment in Faisalabad rather than Buy a house in Faisalabad. In real estate market mixed-use residential and commercial trend is ranking.

A project named Pearl City Towers is the upcoming two-in-one commercial and residential project in Faisalabad. Marvel of the time, is providing people both commercial and residential facilities in one place within reason able prices. An effort to providing high standard services to customers. It is located in the area surrounded by 90% of the population of Faisalabad.

Purpose of project:

It was a challenge for every member of the “Pearl Tower team” to reach the highest level of creativity, integrity and focus. Purpose of project was to provide people a fully secure atmosphere for residence and commercial market, which includes offices, show rooms, brand shops and luxury apartments. A fortune where entertainment, business and shopping, shines together.  Mission is to provide a splendid shopping experience to its visitors.


It is located on the main Sargodha road near Punjab Medical College, which is surrounded with various sophisticated and modern societies. Moreover, it is also nearby to Millat and Daewoo Road.

Master plan:

The basic plan is based upon 4 floors where every floor has its own specialty.


Project comprises of the following 4 floors:

  • Lower Floor
  • Ground Floor
  • Mezzanine Floor
  • First Floor

The project consists of four extra spacious shopping complexes plan of different building.

  • Pearl Auriga:
    Pearl Galleria:
    Pearl Center Point:
    Pearl Mega Store:

All these complexes are interconnected with overhead Bridges decorated with fountains which provides this marvel an extra touch of class. Wide basement car parking eliminates all the hassles of parking.

Facility features:

Pearl City tower is providing high-end facility features:

  • Fully secure environment
  • Public Parking Facilities
  • Secured shopping
  • Secure office areas
  • High Speed Lifts & Escalators
  • Electricity backup with generator
  • Complete security through CCTV Cameras, boundary walls and guards
  • Beautiful Overhead Bridges Connecting Different Buildings of the Mall
  • Latest fire alarming techniques and mitigate control
  •  7 Clock Towers
  • Raking food brand Restaurant
  • Roof top BBQ area
  • Overhead bridges
  • Smoke detectors
  • Overhead Bridges
  • Prayer Area
  • Food Court
  • Beautifully designed prayer area
  • LED street lights
  • Wide beautiful roads
  • Grand banquet hall
  • International brand outlets for shopping
  • Secure area for commercial banking
  • Grand Banquet Hall (in operation)
  • Kid’s Play Area
  • 32 feet wide passage area

High class automated facilities, automated Bot cleaning system for floor cleaning integrated with mop and brush and smoke detector modules integrated with alarms to detect and control the fire are used.

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Pearl City Residencia:

It also offers spacious residential apartments highlighted by modern style of art with elegant interior. All the residences of Pearl City residencia avail the modern facilities including gymnasium, swimming pool, play land, conference halls, and cinema house.

Shop sizes:

Standard size of shops is 14 x 30 = 420 sq. ft.

Payment plan:

10% down payment and possession on 50% payment and Installment plan is based on 20-month installments.

The pearl group is the well-known established team in real estate market, which sounds technical and highly motivated. Which is ensuring professionalism, quality and stability. Spacious open and down ground shops at Pearl City Towers are entrenched with all the famous local and international brands. A weeding hall named seven sea is now in operation to deal 300 persons at a time for marriage and other events. One fortune, where shopping, entertainment and business all shine together. Extensive car parking to resolve the parking problem. It will be the best development of the time in Faisalabad. will inform you about further details of the project you are waiting for.

Now we also offer free subscription and estate listing facilities at, do subscribe us, if you want to make the best real estate choices and updates at your disposal.

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House on Rent Vs Buy A House

Rent Vs Buy
Rent Vs Buy

While the question comes that what’s going to fit you whilst you need to determine to rent vs. buy for a house, there’ll constantly be a robust debate because of the economic professionals and cons. no doubt each facet of the photograph are complete of valid points; nevertheless, it is able to be a touch confusing for folks that are going to decide it for the primary time in existence. The current adjustments in the tax laws have additionally made it less possible to personal a house, so the dispute of renting vs. Buying for appears to settle does with this single factor. Nevertheless, there are many different points which ought to be taken into consideration within the hire vs. buy analysis. properly, we are going, to sum up, all of the points in this text is that we want our readers to sense at domestic, something choice they’re going to make with regard to renting and investing vs. buying.

Renting vs. Buying Pros and Cons

Whilst determining renting vs. buying the maximum commonplace argument is,

“why have to you pay a monthly hire on ordinary basis to a landlord together with all of the application bills when you may own a home with the aid of paying the same number of installments even for a selected period of time?”

In truth, there are many apart from monetary reasons why renting home stands more appealing and appropriate. You continually need to make sure whether or not you’re in a terrific economic position to shop for a house or not. You usually do not have enough capital for that cause, however, whilst analyzing renting vs. buying, your financial position or sound quantity of capital does not matter, you simply need to pay the advance and rent to occupy any dwelling that fits you on the primary hand. In maximum instances, you have got multiple picks and the primary residence at hand is not your handiest attention both. If your monetary occasions aren’t so as, and you observed that but is it is not the proper time you may stay so long as you need on rent.

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Is Paying Rent a Waste of Money?

The questions regularly requested while studying renting vs. Buying for is that whether or not paying rent is a total wastage of your money as you continue to be homeless at the quit regardless of how a great deal rent you have paid thru all those years. Sure, in reality, you are wasting cash in a feel, but the actual picture is not so. You are continually getting something in return of your heavy rent every month e.g. Safe haven, safety, peace of thoughts, and wholesome surroundings for yourself and your beloved ones. Even in case you buy that house, you’ll spend quite a few moneys in phrases of numerous taxes and other fees – like the lease, it’s far the capital you’ll now not be able to see once more. For that reason, proudly owning a residence isn’t continually just that best because it seems from the farther facet.

Renting Might Cost Less!

Every other facet of the image whilst comparing renting vs. buying is that even over the long term in a few instances the rent may be smaller as compared to the massive quantity you need to pay for proudly owning a house on the same location. There can also be a protracted lasting list of hidden costs; related to that schedule. A golden rule in this regard is not to buy a house if you recognize you gained stay there for as a minimum ten years. This in brief is the ideal recipe for renting vs. buying for a home.  To determine what’s going to fit you among renting vs. buying, the subsequent points can be useful: What can you have the funds for among a hire and a possession?

  • How much savings you really have?
  • How long are you planning to stay in that specific location?
  • Are you easy with moving around in case of dislocating?
  • Are you easy with the repairs/maintenance charges in case you own a house?
  • How strong are your financial foundations?

Expensive readers, as you have visible, we’ve got tried to investigate the topic of renting vs. Buying for thoroughly on our facet, however as we all understand, there are always positive probabilities of improvement, as a result, you’re welcome to write your piece of thoughts within the remarks phase below.

There are many Houses for rent in Lahore and also Houses for sale in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan. If want to buy a house or rent a house on reasonable prices and places. You need to have a visit on Pakistan’s Best Property Portal

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Zaamin City Housing Scheme | Plots for Sale in Zaamin City Lahore

Zaamin Housing Scheme Lahore
Zaamin Housing Scheme Lahore

Zaamin City Housing Scheme Lahore is a Lake City development project (Malik Mubarak) that provides a home to all who want their own house. Residential areas in Lahore are usually costly and many individuals cannot afford housing systems in Lahore, but Zaamin City’s residential system ensure that many people will have benefit from it.

We all love to have our own home, but it’s not always feasible to get a home in the costly town like Lahore. It isn’t always feasible for a middle-class person to go home in a town like Lahore, where all things touch the sky, including rates. For all people who have wished to always have a home for themselves should be pleased because the accommodation system in Zaamin City offers everybody who wants to have a home for themselves a lifetime chance.

What Is the Location of Zaamin City?

Zaamin City Housing Scheme Lahore is situated close to Ibrahim Masjid and Subzi Mandi on Ferozepur Road It’s a lovely house that’s close to the nature. It’s the finest accommodation for all those who want serenity and peace of mind.

The importance of this accommodation system is astonishing, because it is near Lahore Ring Road and seven km from Kalma Chowk. Buy a house there in 2019 and you can be sure that your house will bring you a lot of money after some years if you intend to sell it.

This residential system is an outstanding location because of its incredible business importance. The best thing is that it is in the urban area. If you want a personal space, but don’t have much budget in your pocket, that’s a good society for you. In so many ways, it’s a best thing and there’s no need to lose it.

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Zaamin City Housing Scheme Is LDA Approved

We are all aware that LDA does not support a controversial society or residential system. Lahore is being bombarded today, but most of it is controversial. With Zaamin City residential system nothing controversial is linked. It is a system of legal accommodation and fully lawfully buys the personal space.

It is essential to understand that the Zaamin Town Housing Scheme is accepted by LDA in order to ensure that there is no legal opposition to it and that it is genuine. The LDA stamp is there and you think it is not fake and 100 percent genuine and legal. It’s enough.


Why Only Zaamin City Is Best?

This incredible housing system offers both residential and industrial properties and you have to buy them. Because of the Lahore Ring Road and primary Ferozepur Road, this residential system has incredible business importance.

When they are accessible, it is essential that you get plots. Residential plots that are sold as hot potatoes in this arrangement. People come to such plots like crazy. Advance reservation has been launched and the potential files are accessible in advance. Upon your arrival in Zaamin City, a home or business plot must be secured.

In this residential system there are 3 Marla plots for sale in Lahore, 5 Marla plots for sale in Lahore and 10 Marla plots for sale in Lahore. Not only business plots are available. If you are looking for an area in which you are sure your company is successful, then your question is Zaamin City Lahore.

Commercial Plots for sale in Lahore and Residential Plots for sale in Lahore before it’s too late in Zaamin City housing scheme. Advance reservations are available and should be used.

In a costly town such as Lahore, you certainly want a personal space, so Zaamin City housing is certainly your finest choice. It has all you can want in a residential system.


You Can Buy Plots in Zaamin City Housing Scheme in Installments

There isn’t such a budget-friendly housing system as compare to Zaamin City. You can purchase plots at installments if you do not have enough money in your pocket to purchase your dream home in one go. Yes, you heard correct. You can buy parcels here on installments and the option is fully available. The method is very easy, just pay 20% down, then you’re good to go.

In this incredible housing scheme there are 5, 3 and 10 residential and 5 Marla commercial plots for sale in Lahore of 8 Marla commercial plots for sale in Lahore, and there is no reason to consider them in the world.

In Zaamin City Housing Scheme, your potential home is waiting for you. The housing and business properties can be bought here on direct deposit or on installments. It is a nice housing system, and if you are going to purchase an apartment in Lahore at inexpensive prices, it should not be missed.

Estimated Installment Payment Plan:

5 Marla Installment Payment Plan:



10 Marla Installment Payment Plan: