Most Popular Areas to Buy a 10 Marla House under PKR 2 Crore in Lahore

While people say “Lahore Lahore Aye”, they aren’t precisely wrong. The city has an otherworldly and historic attraction, and its real estate has been eyed via limitless rulers who selected the town as their ruling seat. Whilst the hustle and bustle of the city might make you believe you studied otherwise, you may without difficulty find a 10 Marla house for sale in Lahore, and that too, beneath a fee variety of Pkr 20 million (Pkr 2 Crore)!


After compiling the user conduct on for the duration of the primary half of 2019, we’ve determined that the subsequent areas appealed the most to belongings buyers and traders searching for a 10 Marla house in Lahore below a price range of Pkr 2 million (Pkr 2 Crore):

Areas with 10 Marla houses under Pkr 2 Crore in Lahore

Thinking about the desk above, we will see that Bahria City, Central Park Housing Scheme and Architects Engineers Housing Society are the most popular area for making an investment in a 10 Marla house under Pkr 2 Crore. Those societies are observed through Lake City, Eden, Marghzar Officers’ Colony, Township, Punjab Co-operative Housing Society, Nasheman-e-Iqbal, and Jubilee Town.

Permit’s discuss the pinnacle 3 area in detail to present you a better idea of what their Real Estate Market holds for you in phrases of investment capability.

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is an upscale residential network, providing a gated housing improvement, committed commercial areas, landscaped parks and roundabouts, and various other facilities of international standards. that is why consistent with the information collected in august 2019, Bahria Town is the maximum popular area for buying a 10 Marla house in Lahore.

With regards to fees, investing in a ten Marla domestic under Pkr 2 Crore is likewise pretty possible in this housing scheme, as the average charge of a 10 Marla unit, as located at some stage in the primary six months of 2019, is Pkr 1.98 Crore. the world with the most houses on provides underneath Pkr 2 Crore in quarter c, which functions a number of famous sub-sectors, including Iris Block, Nargis Block, Jasmine Block, and Gulmahar Block. costs for a 10 Marla house in some of those blocks start as little as Pkr 1.55 Crore at the same time as others have a starting fee of Pkr 1.65 Crore.

Typical, there are lots of perks of living in Bahria Town, Lahore. apart from the properly-planned housing facilities it offers, there are parks, colleges, hospitals, and industrial facilities dotting the entire development. With recognize to Sector C, all 4 of the maximum famous blocks are near Bahria Town principal boulevard and Sector C’s commercial place, which is a hub of eating places, comfort shops, and banks.



Centrally located on Ferozepur Road wherein the metro bus machine is operational as part of the Public transport system in Lahore, Central Park Housing Scheme (CPHS) is a master-deliberate community along with blocks from A-H. genuine to its name, the society has a Central Park, that’s without problems on hand by using citizens of all the blocks.

The average fee of a 10 Marla house in CPHS, as of the primary half of 2019, is Pkr 1.33 Crore. Sector A and Sector G is the most famous sub-districts for investing in a 10 Marla home under Pkr 2 Crore in Central Park Housing Scheme. The lowest starting costs right here are Pkr 1.35 Crore and Pkr 1.4 Crore for sectors A and G respectively.

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Relevant park housing scheme’s vicinity makes it best for commuting at some point of Lahore via the metro bus routes. As for what’s greater on providing except the large park located within its limits, the society provides free delivery of filtered water to every resident, a secured and gated network with CCTV surveillance, as well as the Chugtai Public Library and small industrial hubs for each block.


Comprising blocks, A to K, Architects Engineers Housing Society is an upscale residential development positioned on khayaban-e-Jinnah Road. Its area offers residents easy get admission to Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital, situated at the equal avenue at the same time as being surrounded by using several different popular housing schemes consisting of Wapda Town, Johar Town, and others.

Thinking about the information for the primary six months of 2019, we will finish that the average price for a 10 Marla home here is Pkr 1.90 Crore, with zone b being the maximum famous district for this unique asset’s kind. the beginning charge of a 10 Marla unit in Sector B is Pkr 1.85 Crore.

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Architects Engineers Housing Society gives 10 Marla homes on the market in Lahore amidst a properly-deliberate placing with a valuable boulevard of 50 toes catering to small business districts on each facet. Parks and mosques also are available in every block to facilitate citizens at the same time as making sure safe and at ease environment within the community.

Some of the most popular areas to buy a 10 Marla house in Lahore below 20 million, we additionally have Lake City, that is a modern suburb constructed away from the critical hustle and bustle of Lahore and offers 10 Marla units at a median price of Pkr 1.85 Crores. one of the oldest areas on our list is a Township, Lahore, which has been on the map since the Fifties and is absolutely developed and approved via the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The average price of a 10 Marla unit here is Pkr 1.59 Crores. any other option you could don’t forget is Punjab Co-operative housing society (PCHS) which is ideal for middle-income shoppers looking for a 10 Marla house on the market in Lahore with a mean fee of Pkr 1.85 Crores.

You could also discover your options after consulting our Lahore property market report for H1 2019 and discover a nice location to invest your money based on your price range.

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Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi

fazaia Housing Scheme
Fazaia Housing Scheme

Fazaia Housing Scheme is a dependable housing project in Karachi that offers lofts and villas. Specialists advocate that lofts right here have had a combined response from traders, but bungalows/villas have fared tons better. Allow us to take a glance why.

Fazaia housing scheme has two sites wherein improvement is in progress. Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase 1 is situated alongside Karachi Northern bypass in near proximity to Gulshan-e-Maymar, and Phase 2 is just 4 to 5 kilometers down the similar Road. The manner that it’s far specifically inside the fundamental city additionally puts it at a fantastic advantage.

The agreement for the improvement of Fazaia Housing Scheme became marked 12 months ago with a Chinese improvement organization, Shaanxi foreign economic, and trade Industrial Group Co. Ltd. (SFETIC). Fazaia Housing Scheme goals to offer a global-elegance dwelling to its occupants. Community clubs, institutes, fitness facilities, and plush parks are all part of the plan. Therefore, the challenge is expected to be a top-notch place to stay.

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Low Prices of Apartments:

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi has several matters going for itself inclusive of a relied-on developer; Pakistan Air force. The construction of residences has just commenced. However, in spite of many variables that ought to make those condo buildings a warm product, call for has not been as excessive as it became to start with anticipated.

As indicated through Shariq Iqbal of Iqbal Hassan Associates, one viable explanation for this will be that the builders have presented some distance too many apartments. The fees of these units never definitely took off and traders had been cautious to make massive bets. Apartments for sale in Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi, Double Story House for sale 275 sq. yd and Single-story House For sale in Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi.

Houses are in Good Prices:

Houses for sale in Fazaia Housing Scheme, alternatively, are becoming a very good response from traders. Two ballots were held in may additionally and August for 1600 units, and given that then the fees of these houses were going up.

The initial prices of Houses were:

  • Single-story House; 275 sq. yd. – PKR 9,204,500
  • Double-story House; 125 sq. yd. – PKR 6,642,000
  • Double-story House; 275 sq. yd. – PKR 12,455,800


As in step with Shariq Iqbal of Iqbal Hassan Associates, Fazaia Houses are a becoming option for making a short and long-term investment. Fees right here have been visible to be relentlessly going up for the reason that poll, and specialists anticipate that they will hold on doing so.

In coming years, the finest thing so that it will supply a lift to Fazaia Karachi is its nearness to the M-10 Motorway, normally referred to as Karachi Northern Bypass. Numerous important enhancements are planned along this street, as in step with the Karachi Strategic grasp Plan 2020, including a transport and change center. This can make the land of this place drastically extra profitable.

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