Hoping to Buy a House in Hyderabad? Look at All These Areas

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Hyderabad is the second most created city in Sindh. It is only 140 kilometers from Karachi — scarcely a two-hour drive through M9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. Being so near the biggest city of Pakistan, Hyderabad has embraced a ton of things from Karachi, including land patterns. The streets, structures and high rises in a single city look to some extent like these structures in the other one.

There are a few contrasts, obviously, particularly with regards to evaluating. For instance, 240 sq. yd, outfitted house available to be purchased in Hyderabad will most presumably not be as costly as a unit of a similar size in Karachi. This is one of the principle reasons why individuals moving from littler urban areas in Sindh incline toward Hyderabad to Karachi.

In any case, there’s much more to the land market of Hyderabad. See:


A private unit in Hyderabad is arranged into various kinds depending on its secured territories and number of rooms. Be that as it may, recently manufactured properties are generally evaluated higher when contrasted with more established developments. The city of Hyderabad has a wide range of lodging social orders involving properties of various styles. One-unit, single-story, twofold story and multi-story houses — the city has everything. Along these lines, how about we become familiar with the regions you ought to search for when purchasing a house in Hyderabad.



Qasimabad is in the western piece of the city. It is the absolute first neighborhood you ought to concentrate on when chasing for a house available to be purchased in Hyderabad. It is likewise a standout amongst the most celebrated neighborhoods in Hyderabad. This region contains numerous old and new areas with various offices like open parks, freeways, strip malls and above all Rani Bagh Zoo. While hunting down a house available to be purchased in Qasimabad, you will go over a wide range of costs like the expense of a 120 sq. yd house here begins from around PKR 25 lakh to 1.5 crores. Correspondingly, the cost of 240 sq. yd house in Qasimabad runs between PKR 90 lakh and PKR 2.75 crore. Mehran University of Engineering and Technology will likewise be a couple of minutes from you in the event that you live in one of the areas in Qasimabad.



Latifabad is one of the busiest neighborhoods in Hyderabad, which is found in its rural areas. It is separated into different divisions, known as units, and is home to various celebrated states of the city. Associated with Autobahn Road, which is an amazingly helpful interstate of Hyderabad, Latifabad is home to numerous prominent diners and customary bistros. It has an immense system of boulevards running all through it, making it simpler for individuals to explore through the region.

The township of Latifabad has an expansive number of private units available to be purchased with various sticker prices, contingent upon their sorts and sizes. For instance, 120 sq. yd cottage has a value run beginning from PKR 20 lakh, going up to PKR 1.8 crore. Similarly, 240 sq. yd house in Latifabad, for the most part, has a cost extending between PKR 1 crore and PKR 4 crore. Something else that adds to the centrality of Latifabad is that it is only a couple of kilometers from the River Indus.



On the off chance that you are searching for a house available to be purchased in Hyderabad encompassed by a quiet neighborhood, at that point you should examine Gulshan-e-Zeal Pak Central Housing Society. It is a local location found not very a long way from the downtown area with different kinds of lodging choices. The single and twofold story, one-unit cottage and separate bits; diverse sorts of houses are accessible available to be purchased in Gulshan-e-Zeal Pak CHS. Two of the most mainstream property types around there are 120 and 240 sq. yd houses having costs beginning from PKR 8 million, going up to PKR 10 million and from PKR 75 lakh to PKR 2.5 crore, individually. Another key component of Gulshan-e-Zeal Pak CHS is that it is only a couple of kilometers from the Site Area of Hyderabad and Hyderabad-Badin Road.



The advancement of land improvement is in progress in the Defense Housing Society in Hyderabad. It is a standout amongst the quietest private networks in the city and an elegant neighborhood. The houses available to be purchased in Defense are pricier than in different zones yet the greater part of them are well-built and well-found. Along these lines, in the event that you are keen on purchasing a house in Defense Housing Society of Hyderabad, at that point you will encounter costs normally running from around PKR 6 crore to PKR 10.5 crore. Inhabitants having a place with a zone of Defense in Hyderabad have numerous renowned shopping goals found only a couple of kilometers away by means of the popular course of Thandi Sarak.



Situated inside the territory of Qasimabad is a private network known as Gulistan-e-Sajjad. It is a quiet neighborhood that is helpfully connected to Jamshoro Road, Hyderabad Bypass and Happy Homes Road. Having open parks and numerous different offices close-by like masjids, refilling stations, schools, markets, and strip malls, Gulistan-e-Sajjad is another perfect spot for home purchasers in Hyderabad in the first place their property looks. In this way, while searching for a house to purchase in Gulistan-e-Sajjad, you will run over different alternatives. Some of them would be shoddy while others would be somewhat costly alternatives for home purchasers in Hyderabad. For instance, on the off chance that you need to buy a 120 sq. yd house here, at that point its expense typically begins from around PKR 60 crore and can go as high as around PKR 1.11 crore. Likewise, different choices that are greater in size are valued between PKR 1.9 crore and PKR 5 crore.


Calling Hyderabad ‘a small-scale variant of Karachi’ wouldn’t be an embellishment. It has every one of the luxuries and highlights that are fundamental for a city to encourage its kin. In addition, it isn’t that a long way from Karachi and going between these two urban areas has turned out to be progressively advantageous after the development of M9 Motorway.

Hyderabad isn’t only popular for its Coffee Cake from Bombay Bakery, fish or bangles any longer. The city is quick turning into a practical option in contrast to the land market of Karachi.

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How to Rent Out Your Home

How to Rent

Out Your Home?

Here Are the Six Tips
The real estate market has slumped and you can’t find a buyer who will buy your house. Now your best choice is to rent out your house that at least will help cover the mortgage. You are about to become a “reluctant landlord” Which actually you don’t want to be.
I have been working as a real estate developer. As a real estate company, Rightdeed Media can experience your feelings that how horrible the vacant houses look to you. It doesn’t matter whether you have one rental house or many. The vacant property is always stressful.  No one wants to carry a burden of the mortgage on one’s shoulder. Luckily, we have five ways to rent out your house, so you never have to deal with the stress.
Before you rent out your home, use these five tips to help protect your property.
1. Right Deed Media
For a fast and quick response, add or list your house on www.rightdeed.com
Right Deed Real Estate is a leading property Site and Portal in Pakistan. Offering the best Properties in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and all over in Pakistan.
2. Newspapers are best friends to Find a Good Tenant.
 Newspapers are easy to reach for everyone. First, think to send advertisement on newspapers. You can advertise in local newspapers, both in print and online. Also ask your close friends, relatives, and coworkers. They are most near to help you out.
There must be something to ask your tenants to do:
  1.     First, ask him to fill out an application form
  2.     List their basic information: name, employer, salary, previous landlords and references.
  3.     You’ll also need their Social Security number
  4.     Check credit reports and criminal history.
3. What About Hiring real estate agents to Rent Out Your House
If you find advertising a news agency for renting your house is time-consuming or too difficult to obtain and verify, you can contract with a real estate agency or dealers. Real estate agents typically charge 8% to 10% from clients, but they will do all the work on behalf of you and will work faster.
Here are things most real estate agents do for a homeowner:
  • Advertise the house for rent
  • Collect rent and security advance payments
  • Negotiate rental agreements
  • Conduct property checks
  • Handle repairing issues if any
  • File dislodgments, if necessary
  • Deal with companion pets and the government laws
4. Don’t take chances.
No matter how eager to rent your house, it is almost always better for no tenant than a bad tenant because it can cause you more headaches and costs than the real worth.
Make the property more attractive to good tenants thorough reduce your rent or do improvements, instead of losing your tenant.
5. Check Necessary Repairs and Maintenance
There is generally a question prevail through the surroundings whether the owner or tenant to take care of maintenance.
This issue should be addressed before renting a house. There are many cases when an owner has to fix the issue.  But who is responsible for treating the house? If it is the landlord, how many times will he treat it if the tenant is not following the rules?
There should be proper note that if a landlord needs to do maintenance and repairs, he or she will provide written notice to the tenant at least days before entering the premises.
6. Lower down your price for quick tenant
You need to reduce your rent quickly before you suffer financial loss if your house is not going on rent. You won’t suffer much loss by quickly cutting prices until you reach this save place. You will know in a week or so if the house will be renting or not. Here I will explain my experience. There was no tenant for the first week and I started losing my hope. In the second week, there went the same problem. For six weeks I had a house listed and I didn’t get any improvement or phone calls. I lowered its price by 50%. In two hours, I had two stakeholders, two applications and shortly thereafter, a signed lease. The price is the most important thing.
Don’t give up at the end of the day because you’re under stress and things don’t go well. The truth is that property is a long – term game. You must walk down the street in order to reach the point. I hope you will be helped on these crazy trips!