Eden Gardens Lahore: Best Investment Option for You?

Eden Gardens Lahore

Eden Housing, which at its initial stage was merely popular as Developers Group and Later as Eden Developers, was founded in early 1981. The developers behind that project are said to be the most notable and earliest real estate developers of Pakistan. Due to its tireless efforts and strong commitments, Eden Housing has expanded its worth beyond the boundaries of Lahore. In fact, Lahore is the marvelous city that accommodates most of the commercial Properties in Lahore and residential plots in Eden Housing Lahore.

How it All Started?

It is no doubt the most interesting part of the developer’s story that Eden Housing started the first step of their developmental operations with a very small capital of Pk Rs 250,000 in 1981. As it has no comparison to its today’s multi billion assets. According to an estimate Eden Housing is worth of an asset exceeding Pk Rs 6 bn.

Though there are numerous stories about the rise of that real estate empire, we would just emphasize on the progressive and positive aspect of Eden Housing. The main reason why we are ignoring all these rumors is that all that stuff can easily become subject of another rich blog post comprising of all the aspects surrounding it. This blog of ours especially focuses upon the documented history of Eden Housing as a business minded developer’s institute and an overview of their projects.

As stated earlier, the developers started their business journey with a negligibly small amount in 1983. Race View Villas, was its first housing project inaugurated in the Heart of Pakistan, Lahore. It had only 14 Villas located on the most ideal and marvelous location of Jail Road, facing the green lush health point, Race Course Park. After the success of Race View Villas, the developers were so much encouraged that hey launched their second project after a very short span of time.

This project was named as Eden Housing, alias Gulberg Homes. These homes of various sizes and architectural structures were also 14 in number and were situated at the Syed Maratab Ali Road of Gulberg. That very project was delivered in 1984. Just after that project the developers decided to name their company as Eden Housing.

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After a time, span of two years, in 1986, Eden Housing launched their third and largest project named as Eden Homes. It is situated on Main Jail Road Lahore featuring 16 houses. Boosted by its continuous success, the Eden Housing launched by 1989, 5 simultaneous projects. The most remarkable Liberty Homes and Green View Homes were a part of these projects.

In the 90s, Eden Housing delivered it first grand housing project, named as Eden Villas. That project comprised of a set of 100 houses at the ideal and fantastic location of Q-Block, Model Town Extension, and Lahore. In the mean while Eden Park, the first farm house project, was launched by the developers in 1992. This project was spread over 1000 Kanal near Raiwind Road, Lahore.

Some other unique projects launched by the developers are as follows:

  • Eden Centre on Jail Road.
  • Eden Cottages-I, B-Block, DHA Phase-I
  • Eden Cottages-II, adjacent to Eden Cottages-I
  • Eden Heights, in 1997
  • Eden Avenue, Defence Road
  • Eden Defence Villas closer to DHA Phase-I Lahore.

Specific Area Planning & Community Revitalization

Eden Housing, as we have seen in the previous narration of this article, has a rich history of development and structural planning. In fact, all that was possible as Eden Housing had a real working relationship of long-lasting partnership with local communities. This partnership resulted in the implementation of the developer’s vision of affordable houses and community revitalization mega and small projects.

A very much elaborated example of this is the Eden Housing working collaboration with the City of Petaluma. It was a revitalization program meant for the most awaited Central Petaluma Plan.

Similarly, at the Josephine Lum Lodge, Eden Housing joined hands with Spectrum Community Services. Both these collaborators are currently looking forward to expand their mutual relationship into a new development featuring new commercial kitchen facility with housing apartments for the Spectrum’s community meal service program.

Final Word

It is out of any sort of doubt now that due to Eden Housing’s long-standing relationships and large portfolio, it can easily sustain the most competitive financing terms and conditions with regard to any housing project in any part of the country. Worth mentioning, Eden Housing was the first developer in the state of California to achieve tax credits successfully.


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Elite Town Lahore | Payment Plan

Elite Town Lahore

The cultural hub of Pakistan, Lahore has no doubt become a real estate boom during the past few decades. The most prominent reason for it is the continuously changing political scenario and the rapid migration rate from rural areas and other cities towards Lahore. That is why it has become a hotspot for new housing societies and towns. You can locate numerous new housing societies and towns emerging all over Lahore. Elite Town Lahore is the most prominent one of such societies which is affordable in many aspects, one of which is that it offers affordable plots to all classes of life.

No doubt, Elite Town Lahore is an ideal place for those people who want to build their own house in Lahore. Even those who tend to buy a plot for investment purposes can also have many options open for them in that locality. The most beautiful aspect of this Elite Town Lahore is that is located on the most ideal and easily accessible Ferozpur Road. It is also one of the widest and modern roads of Lahore. You can reach any point of the city from that road with ease of access. Elite Town Lahore is situated only on 10 minutes’ easy and rush free drive from Kalma Chowk.

The Developers

Elite Town Lahore is a project of the Rahim Group, a name to reckon with. This group has been playing a pivotal role in the development of Modern Lahore. According the CEO the Elite Town Housing Project was launched with the objective of affordable housing keeping in mind the economic class of Pakistan. The aim was to provide affordable residential plots to the economically weaker sections of population. At the moment Rahim Group is earning minimum profit from the ultimate sale of commercial Plots for Sale in Lahore and residential plots for Sale in Lahore.

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Due to the new rapid bus transit facility and the Metro bus service, the location of Elite Town Lahore has become the most ideal one. It is also a golden investment point as far as the prices are concerned which are not so high as compared to its ideal location. Furthermore, it is also a well-planned and modern housing society equipped with all the facilities which are considered must for everyday life. As far as security is concerned, Elite Town Lahore has well-guarded entry gates and latest CCTV monitoring system.


Elite Town Lahore project has the following salient features:

  • Located on 200 feet wide newly-built modern Ferozpur Road.

From Elite Town Lahore one can reach the following spots with ease of access:

Lahore Air Port

Lahore High Court

Civil Secretariat

Bus Stand

Shah Allam Market

Akbari Mandi as well as famous universities, libraries and hospitals within 25 to 35 minutes traveling time.

  • Our rates of residential and commercial plots are almost 50% less than many other top housing schemes and towns operating within the vicinity of Elite Town Lahore. while they are also not providing such facilities and amenities as being extended by us.
  • The dedicated and knowledgeable staff is available at site and at main office located at 3-Aurangzeb Block, New Garden Town, Lahore, seven days a week where every client is treated like one of the family members.

Some of the major every day amenities being provided by Elite Town Lahore are:

  • Play Ground & Park
  • Restaurants / Commercial Areas
  • Security System
  • Library
  • Community Centre
  • Ladies Club
  • Gym / Beauty & Fitness Center
  • Sports Complex
  • Filling Station (Patrol & CNG)
  • Mosque
  • Hospital
  • Schools / Degree College
  • Carpeted Road
  • Street Lights
  • Electricity
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Sanitation
  • Sui Gas

Elite Town Residential (Phase I) Payment Schedule


Mode of Payment 5 Marla 10 Marla 20 Marla (1 Kanal)
Booking and Allotment 4,25,000 8,50,000 17,00,000
48 monthly Installments 2,40,000(5000 x 48) 4,80,000(10,000 x 48) 9,60,000(20,000 x 48)
8 Half Yearly Installments 1,60,000(20,000 x 8) 3,20,000(40,000 x 16) 6,40,000(80,000 x 8)
Final Installment 25,000 50,000 100,000
Total 8,50,000 17,00,000 34,00,000

Elite Town Residential (Phase II) Payment Schedule


Mode of Payment 5 Marla 10 Marla 20 Marla (1 Kanal)
Booking 30,000 60,000 120,000
Allocation 50,000 100,000 200,000
Confirmation 50,000 100,000 200,000
48 Monthly Installments 2,40,000(5000 x 48) 4,80,000(10,000 x 48) 9,60,000(20,000 x 48)
8 Half Yearly Installments 400,000(50,000 x 8) 800,000(100,000 x 8) 16,00,000(200,000 x 8)
On Possession 30,000 60,000 120,000
Total 8,50,000 17,00,000 34,00,000

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